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Now you know which house you want and how much you need, calculate your mortgage.


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Choose the interest rate you prefer.

Fixed-rate Mortgage

The same interest rate and payment throughout the life of the mortgage.

Mixed-rate Mortgage

The interest rate is fixed for the first few years and then variable.

Variable-Rate Mortgage

Hipoteca Sin Más Mortgage

A mortgage designed for you to buy your primary residence where the only guarantee is your home.

Variable-Rate Mortgage

Variable-Rate Mortgage

The traditional mortgage but with conditions like never before.

Mortgage subrogation

Pay less for your mortgage? Come to Bankinter? Don't think twice.

Bring your mortgage about mortgage subrogation bring your mortgage

Don't add more to your mortgage

  • Zero management expenses.
  • Zero registration expenses.
  • Zero notary expenses.
  • Zero stamp duty.

Thinking of you

Mortgage expenses calculator

We know it's worrisome. Use our mortgage expenses calculator to find out all the expenses involved in purchasing a home: deeds, taxes, notary, etc.

Mortgage calculator

Just quickly enter a few details and we'll calculate your mortgage costs (monthly instalments, taxes...)

Personalised offer

Seen a house that's just what you're looking for? Apply for a personalised offer, no obligation to take it up. You'll be able to work out the costs with real figures: instalments, taxes, etc.

Apply for your Bankinter mortgage in three easy steps.

Buying a home can be a bit overwhelming. At Bankinter, we simplify steps and guide you through them.

1. Calculate your mortgage

Just enter the amount and term to find out your monthly instalments and taxes, etc. for the different types of mortgages.

2. Personalised offer

We'll ask you for some additional information to put together a detailed offer that fits your situation.

3. Signature of your mortgage agreement

When we send you your personalised offer, we'll tell you the documents to provide for that long-awaited moment: signing on the dotted line.

If you've reached this page, they might interest you.

We have different solutions for different needs.
Dónde comprar una casa a crédito

Real estate portal

If you haven't made up your mind yet, take a look at our real estate portal. If you buy one of our properties, we'll finance up to 100% of the price.
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A loan to build your home: from start to finish.

Important documents

Here's a link to our Mortgage Guide.

View in PDF format mortgage guide

Information document with a summary of the protection measures for mortgage holders regulated by Royal Decree Law 6/2012 of 9 March (Code of Good Practices).

View in PDF format Code of Good Practices

Pursuant to the provisions of the General Contracting Conditions Act (Ley 7/98 de 13 de Abril de 1998), the clauses in the attached document are the general contracting conditions.

View in PDF format General Contracting Conditions Act

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