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Alternative investment

Invest with all five senses.

A form of investment that goes beyond traditional assets, previously only available to institutional and high-net-worth investors.

  • Investment projects in real assets that complement traditional ones.
  • Investments diversified by type, sector and geographical area in the hands of our expert partners in each sector.
  • Real impact of investments, generating value in the economy and society.
Inversión alternativa

Our guarantees: experience and full involvement.


Since the launch of the alternative investment platform in 2016, Bankinter has been the leading investor in all the vehicles and is committed to maintaining its investment for the full term. It also oversees all investments, from start to finish. This is our greatest guarantee.

Bankinter Investment

Bankinter Investment staff are experts in searching for and detecting the best investment opportunities, prioritising portfolio diversification, optimisation of risk-return ratios and strict compliance with the investment policy promised to investors.

Expert fund manager partners

Throughout the life of the vehicle, the professional experts in each sector with a proven track record of success work exclusively with us, providing a differential value in the identification, purchase, management, optimisation and divestment of assets. They also co-invest with Bankinter and our customers, ensuring a complete alignment of interests.

Discover Bankinter Investment.


Assets so real you can see and touch them.

Real estate

Hotels, commercial, logistical and residential assets, singular assets, and others in strategic locations that may offer income stability and a clear opportunity for long-term revaluation.

Renewable energies

Photovoltaic, wind, mini-hydraulic and solar thermal plants with either a regulated income or market that support electrification and energy independence.


Telecommunications, transport, power generation, social and other infrastructures essential for the development of economies under concessions or long-term contracts with robust public and private entities.

Private capital

Investment in corporates with high growth potential, through strong sectoral and geographical diversification and active management strategies to create value.


Decarbonisation, circular economy and sustainable mobility through investment in assets designed to cover basic needs and critical technologies to achieve long-term environmental goals.

Bankinter listens

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