Regular investment plan

Little by little, it all mounts up!

It’s always easier to start little by little, so here's what we suggest: a plan that helps you invest little by little, without even realising it, whether you're new to investing or just want to pay more into your investment funds or pension plans.

  • Design an investment plan without changing your lifestyle.
  • Schedule your automatic contributions from as little as €20.

The value of your investment funds can go up or down, and you may get back less than what you invested1.

Check the risk indicators and liquidity alerts for pension plans.2

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It’s easier when there’s no effort involved

Without even realising it

Think of an amount you can set aside every month without changing your lifestyle: that's the secret for keeping up your contributions and not getting discouraged.

It's never too little

It might seem like a small amount to save every month. But if you multiply it by 12, it’s not so small, is it?

Without getting stressed about it

Lots of unexpected expenses this month? No problem because you can change your contribution at any time. Your plan adapts to you, not the other way around!

Extra income? An extra contribution

Use your extra income to make an extra contribution, even a small one. Watching your contributions grow over the year will encourage you to keep them up.

Month by month

For example, don't wait until the end of the year to pay into your pension plan1—set up an amount each month. There are a lot of extra expenses in December!

Don't put it off till tomorrow

There's no need to wait until you've saved a big lump sum to start investing. Put your money to work today.
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Where to begin?

It's easy to design a plan. Just choose an amount and schedule the contributions to your investment funds or pension plans. And if your needs change, change your plan.

  • Choose the amount and frequency of your contributions.
  • You can change your investment plan settings whenever you want, either from your computer or your mobile.

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