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Regular investment

Invest in your life while enjoying life.

Investing regularly allows you to invest consistently and with less effort. You do it little by little, depending on your ability to save, so that you create a new habit. And as it happens with any habit, you end up doing it without realising it, without having to give up what you really like to do: enjoy life.

  • You can set up regular investment orders from as little as €20.
  • And you can choose the product you want to invest in: investment funds1, pension plans/EPSVs2, shares3 or individual systematic savings plans (PIAS)4.
Inversión periódica - como ahorrar dinero

Incorporate a new habit into your life, a good habit.

Do it without even realising

Think of an amount you can set aside every month without changing your lifestyle: that's the secret for keeping up your contributions and not getting discouraged.

Little by little

It might seem like a small amount to save every month, but if you multiply it by 12, it's not so small, is it?

Without getting stressed about it

Lots of unexpected expenses this month? No problem because you can change your contribution at any time.

Month by month

For example, don't wait until the end of the year to pay into your pension plan set up an amount each month. There are a lot of extra expenses in December!

Extra income? An extra contribution!

Use your extra income to make an extra contribution, even a small one. Watching your contributions grow over the year will encourage you to keep them up.

Don't put it off till tomorrow

There's no need to wait until you've saved a big lump sum to start investing. Put your money to work today.
Calculadora inversión periódica

Regular investment calculator

Monthly payments? Quarterly? Would you rather set a goal? With our calculator you will find the best formula – yours.

Consejos, métodos o trucos para ahorrar

Where to begin?

As easy as this:

  • The first step is to subscribe the target product or products for your regular investments: funds, pension plans/EPSVs, individual systematic savings plans (PIAS) or shares.
  • Next, just choose the amount and frequency of your contributions.
  • And remember: whenever you want, you can set up your contributions again, from your computer or from your phone.

Thinking of investing in funds?

Just enter a few details into our fund investment plan to plan your ideal investment: goal, contribution, time horizon... In this video we tell you how easy it is.

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