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Financial Aggregation Service

All your banks right here.

With our financial aggregation service you can add all your positions with other banks to the Bankinter website and app. The service is free of charge and as safe as our own website.

  • You decide which banks you want to aggregate
  • Easy to set up and even easier to use

Everything at a glance


You'll be able to see all your accounts, cards, transactions, deposits, funds, pension plans and everything else at a glance. All in the same place.

More convenient

You won't need to log in and enter your credentials for the banks you've aggregated every time you sign in: just log in to Bankinter and you'll see the full picture.

More control

Because you'll have a global picture of your finances: you'll be able to see the transactions for all your accounts and cards, so managing your budgets will be easier and more efficient.

What about transfers?

Unlike other aggregators, with the Bankinter aggregator you can order transfers from any of your accounts and any of your banks without having to exit the Bankinter website or app.


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The Bankinter financial aggregation service is free of charge and available on our website or app. To sign up to this service, simply enter your online credentials for each financial institution that you want to add to the Bankinter aggregator.


How can I activate or deactivate an aggregated bank?

It's simple. Just go to 'My information' and 'Other banks'.

What can I check through the aggregator?

You can check the vast majority of the positions of the products you hold with other banks: accounts, cards, deposits, investment funds, pension plans, loans, credits, securities, and of course everything you have with Bankinter.

Which banks or financial institutions can I add to the Bankinter aggregator?

You can add all the banks that have signed a partnership agreement, which are most of the banks operating in Spain. To see the list, go to 'My information', 'My other banks' and then start the aggregation process.

Can I carry out transactions through the aggregator?

Yes. Unlike other banks, Bankinter's financial aggregation service lets you order transfers from the accounts you hold with other banks. But remember: Bankinter will only issue the order. The other bank is responsible for actually transferring the funds.

How often is the information updated?

Every day. Bankinter has a scheduled process that updates the information from other banks every night, so you'll see the updated information every morning. But if you need an update on the spot, you can request it at any time of the day.

The information shown at one of my banks doesn't match the information shown in the aggregator. Why not?

It's probably because the information hasn't been updated yet. You can update the aggregated bank in 'My other banks'.

I ordered a transfer from my account at another bank but it's not showing up in the transactions. Is there an error?

No, it's just that the information hasn't been updated yet. If you want to see the updated information, there are two options: you can manually update the information for the bank where you carried out the transaction, or you can wait for the automatic update that takes place every night.

I want to update the information for another bank but it's asked me to enter a text message code. It is normal?

Yes, it's normal. For security reasons, in line with the new PSD2 payment directive every 90 days the connection has to be re-authenticated, so your other bank might ask you to log in to online banking again.

I received an early morning text message from my other bank because I'm using a financial aggregator. Is there something wrong?

No, there's nothing wrong, but it can be a nuisance. Bankinter updates the positions automatically early every morning by connecting on your behalf to the platforms of the other banks. You need to log in to the bank that's requested the code sent through the text message.

How can I deactivate the service?

You can deactivate the service at any time. Go to 'My information', 'My other banks' and then press 'Unsubscribe'.

Once I've unsubscribed from the service, can I see my positions in other banks again?

Yes, but you'll need to register for the service again. Just go to 'Your other banks' or 'Global position'.