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Group all your insurance policies into one and get a bonus of up to 10%.

Group your insurance payments so you enjoy the peace of mind of having everything under control. And the more insurance policies you group, the more you save.
 Cuenta única seguros


Groups together all your policies in a single bill for your convenience and control.

Pay in instalments

Pay for your policies on a monthly basis. You can group together the premium for all your policies and pay them on a monthly basis, with no cost.
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What's more, you can benefit from savings of up to 10%.

How does the Single Insurance Account work?

Let us fill you in on all the finer details...

With the Single Insurance Account1 you can simultaneously keep everything under control by grouping the Bankinter insurance policies2 in your name into a single monthly payment. Plus, we'll give you a bonus.


Save with the Single Insurance Account

  • Start saving when including 2 policies with a minimum annual premium of €120.
  • The more policies you associate with the Single Insurance Account, the more you save.

This table provides details of the percentage savings you will obtain depending on the amount of insurance you include:

No insurance policies included
Percentage savings
0 %
2 %
3 %
4 %
5 %
6 %
7 %
8 %
9 %
10 %

Combine and pay your insurance instalments on a monthly basis

  • Group together your insurance payments into a single monthly payment.
  • You can also split the premiums of policies that you have already paid.
  • No minimum duration.
  • No cost.

Insurance that you can include in your Single Insurance Account

You can include the following associated products through Bankinter Banking Insurance Operator:
  • Individual Risk Life Insurance.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Individual Health Insurance.
  • Burial Insurance (periodic premium).
  • Car Insurance.

We answer all your questions

Still have questions?


Still have questions?


What are the characteristics of Bankinter's Single Insurance Account?

The Single Insurance Account is the perfect solution for achieving peace of mind and having everything under control, grouping your insurance payments into a monthly instalment, as well as obtaining important rebates as you add more insurance policies.

Is there any requirement or limit on arranging a Single Insurance Account?

The main requirements for arranging the Single Insurance Account are as follows:

  • The holder must be a natural person aged over 18 and under 80.
  • The contract holder must be the holder of the policies being included.
  • A direct debit must have been set up in a Bankinter account for the policies included.

Can I split the premiums of policies that I have already paid to the insurance company?

Yes, you can split the premiums of policies that you have already paid provided they were charged to your account in the last 60 days. This applies to both new policies and renewals.

How and when will the rebates apply?

Provided you meet the conditions established to obtain the rebate, your monthly instalment will be reduced by the corresponding percentage discount.

Each monthly instalment will be charged to your account between the 1st and 5th of the month and will be included in the corresponding rebate.

Which types of insurance policy can I include in my Single Insurance Account?

The policies you can associate with your Single Account You are those arranged through Bankinter Banking Insurance Operator, for example:

  • Life Insurance.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Individual Health Insurance.
  • Burial Insurance with periodic premiums.

Is there any charge?

No. There is no charge for grouping together all your policies and it allows you to pay them on a monthly basis with no additional cost.

Can I include more than one similar insurance policy in the Single Insurance Account?

Yes. You can include all the policies you have arranged in a single product, provided you are named as the holder of the policies.

Can I include insurance that I have already taken out in the Single Insurance Account?

Yes. You can include the insurance you have previously taken out.

Where do I arrange a Single Insurance Account?

You can arrange your Single Insurance Account at your usual Bankinter branch.

Can I cancel the Single Insurance Account when I want? Does any penalty apply?

There is no minimum duration, you can cancel the service whenever you like with no cost.

You can also exclude the policies you consider necessary at any time and without penalty.

What changes can I make to the Single Insurance Account?

You can make the following changes at any time:

  • Include new policies.
  • Amend the debit account corresponding to the payment of monthly instalments.
  • Remove any policy.

Can Single Insurance Accounts have more than one holder?

No. The Single Insurance Account can only be held by one person, who, in turn, can only be the holder of one Single Insurance Account.

What happens if I do not pay the monthly instalment for my Monthly Insurance Account?

On the last business day of the month, we will debit your account for the monthly instalment corresponding to the combined value of your policies. If at the time of the debit, you do not have sufficient balance in your account to pay the instalment, it will remain unpaid. During the following 15 days, we will try to charge the monthly instalment to your account again each day. Once this period has elapsed without the instalment having been paid, the instalment will be classed as unpaid and the contract will automatically be cancelled for breach of contract.

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