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Investment funds / Training

We want your money to work harder and better

In other words, we'll help you invest successfully. Bankinter offers training to help you find out more about investment funds, design your own investment strategy, and understand how markets behave and the opportunities they offer.

  • Face-to-face and online events
  • Improve your financial knowledge
  • Completely free of charge

Two levels of knowledge, two classes.

We offer two different classes for investors with different levels of financial knowledge:

Level 1 Class

If you have never invested in funds
We'll start with the most basic concepts and gradually move on to the more complex ones until you have all the knowledge you need to choose a fund yourself without expert advice.
  • Basic concepts about investment funds
  • Main advantages of investment funds
  • Taxation
  • Risk profile. The risk-return binomials
  • The importance of investor behaviour
  • Differences between Active Management and Passive Management
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Level 2 Class

If you want to expand your knowledge
A class designed for those who are already familiar with investment funds. You'll learn about the main fund ratios, tools to help you make choose the best funds for your needs, and the impact of regular investing on your future assets.
  • Fund fact sheet: what it is and what it is used for
  • Regular investing: what it is and what advantages it offers
  • Why choose one fund over another: beyond the return
  • Bankinter tools to help you choose: finder, comparison, calculator
  • Our fund manager: Bankinter Asset Management.
  • Bankinter investment services: to invest alone or with the help of an expert
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Our number one tip for investing in funds is to genuinely understand them.

Our videos and infographics show you everything you need to know to invest wisely: tips, options, how to act in different scenarios, etc.


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Investment fund guide

Never subscribed to a fund? Not sure how to get started? We'll explain everything in detail to make it easy for you.