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Direct debits to pay bills

If you've decided to transfer your direct debits to Bankinter, then you've already done the hardest bit.

With our new direct debit management service you can set up
direct debits for your bills in less than three minutes on any device. No need to visit a branch. It's that easy.

Set up your direct debit in 3 easy steps

Choose alias, account, and bill type

  • Select the account where want to set up the direct debit.
  • Create an alias to easily recognise your bill, e.g. “electricity”.
  • State the type of bill you want to register: utilities, telephone...

Upload an image of the bill

  • Upload the bill for which you want to set up the direct debit. You can either upload a digital bill or take a photo of it with your mobile.

Signature with security code

  • Sign your agreement by entering the security code that we'll send to your mobile. If you don't have your phone number, we'll ask you for a coordinate from your code card.

Would you rather see how to do it?

We'll tell you in less than one minute, step by step, how to move your direct debits to Bankinter.


You can check and manage the status of all your direct debits from the same screen

Registrations in progress

This shows the status of the direct debit setup process. If more information or documentation is needed, you’ll see an alert with instructions on how to proceed.

Non-processable direct debits

It's not the usual case, but the issuer of a bill may demand that you move the direct debit yourself. If that happens, you'll receive an alert.

Direct debits

You’ll be able to check all your direct debits with Bankinter at a glance.

Bankinter has the solution

We’re here to answer your banking queries and provide you with technical support.

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