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Direct debits for bills

If you've decided to transfer your direct debits to Bankinter, then you've already done the hardest bit.

With our direct debit management service you can change the payment account for your bills in less than three minutes on any device. No need to visit a branch. It's that easy.

Set up your direct debit in 3 easy steps

Choose account, alias and bill type

  • Select the account where want to set up the direct debit.
  • Create an alias to easily recognise your bill, e.g. “electricity”.
  • State the type of bill you want to register: utilities, telephone...

Attach the bill

  • Upload the bill or invoice pdf for which you want to arrange the direct debit. You can attach one or several bills in the same step.

Signature with security code

  • Once you have authorised it, we'll notify the change to the issuers of your bills. You can check and manage the status of all your direct debits from the monitoring area.

Would you rather see how to do it?

We'll tell you in less than one minute, step by step, how to move your direct debits to Bankinter.


Account Switching Service

If you have an account at another bank, we'll help you transfer all your bills, income, balance, etc. to Bankinter. Easily and at no cost to you.
Find out more about Account Switching Service

Bills on demand service

We'll notify you of any direct debits that could be refused due to lack of funds in your account.
Find out more about Bills on Demand service

Alternative account service

Avoid bills being returned or going overdrawn. Enter a second account to pay your bills in case the balance in your main account is insufficient.
Enter alternative account

Bankinter has the solution

We’re here to answer your banking queries and provide you with technical support.

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