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How do you know if your home is energy efficient?

In addition to your intuition and knowledge, the appraisal report, which is required for any loan, also takes into account the energy classification of the property. Here are the three scenarios:

Used home

Appraisal report with energy rating A or B

Newly built home

Appraisal report with energy rating A.

Renovated home

Appraisal report with energy rating A or B.

And now you may be wondering: What are the other conditions like?

The economic conditions are the same as the ones we apply to any of our mortgages, fixed or variable, but, as we mentioned before, if the property you want to finance complies with the energy efficient housing qualification, you will pay no arrangement fee. Really, nothing. €0. Here are some examples
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20-year fixed-rate mortgage

Without fulfilling conditions1
NIR annual:3.40%

Without fulfilling conditions1
NIR annual:4.70%

Variable mortgage to 25 years

If terms and conditions are met2
First year annual NIR:2.50%
Variable APR:5.20%

Without fulfilling conditions2
First year annual NIR:3.80%
Variable APR:6.28%

Offer valid until the amount offered has been reached: 750 million euros for the Efficient Home Variable-Rate Mortgage and 25 million euros for the Efficient Home Fixed-Rate Mortgage.