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Accessible Bankinter

A Bank for All

Committed to accessibility.

In line with its policy to deliver services that guarantee equal opportunities and the non-discrimination of people, Bankinter has undertaken to ensure that its websites are compliant with Royal Decree 1112/2018 of 7 September on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector.

The initiative "A Bank for All" demonstrates its commitment to adapt both its read-only and operable digital content to the international accessibility requirements.

Bankinter therefore provides the people responsible for the design, creation and maintenance of its digital content with guidance and resources to ensure compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, the latest version published by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

For Bankinter, accessibility is an intrinsic aspect of the two basic pillars of any digital development: quality and universal design.

The guidelines in BANKINTER's Digital Accessibility Policy are based on the EN 301 549 (2018) standard, which establishes the accessibility requirements for digital content. This statement applies to the following web portals:

See Compliance status Compliance status

These websites are partially compliant with RD 1112/2018 due to exceptions and lack of conformity.

The reasons for non-accessible content are as follows:

  • Some relationships presented in the information can be conveyed through other means (programming or texts) [Requirement Info and Relationships EN 301 549 v2.1.2:2018]
  • The visual presentation of some texts and images on the corporate website have a low constrast ratio [Requirement Contrast (minimum) EN 301 549 v2.1.2:2018]
  • Some pages do not have a title describing their purpose [Requirement Link purpose (in context) EN 301 549 v2.1.2:2018]
  • In some operations the keyboard focus indicator is not visible [Requirement Focus visible EN 301 549 v2.1.2:2018]
  • There may be content or files in PDF or other formats published before 20 September 2018 that are not fully compliant with the accessibility requirements.
  • There may also be editing errors in the web pages and in the final documents, although we are working to improve them.

Last updated: 10 September 2020

Improvement actions

We have adapted certain technical measures to comply with the above guidelines, including the following:
  • Optimisation

    Optimisation of textual content to improve its readability and the audio and visual details.

  • Visual contrast

    Enhanced visual contrast of interactive elements for greater ease of use.

  • Semantic structure

    Internal semantic structure and codes marked up with W3C's Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) for enhanced content browsing.

  • Compatibilidad

    Compatibilidad de componentes informáticos (css, Javascript, etc.). A diferentes navegadores del mercado.

  • Responsive

    “Responsive” visual design of content to match different screen sizes.

  • Adapted technology

    Keyboard operation support and compatibility with adapted technologies (Jaws, NVDA, VoiceOver, Voice Assistant).

Our adapted services

Adapted services

You can talk to us through a Spanish or American sign language interpreter, or talk to us live through our video call service where you can either use sign language or the chat function.

Key card in Braile

We have a key card in Braille for people with visual impairments. To order one, call us on 91 657 88 00 (or 34 91 657 88 00 if you're calling from abroad). The lines are open Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 hours to 22.00 hours.

Keyboard authorisation of transactions

Transactions are authorised with a signature. We’ve added the option of entering a series of coordinates using the keyboard for the visually impaired. You can change how you authorise transactions at any time.

Bankinter listens

We are here to answer your questions and banking queries, provide technical support, etc.

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