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Paperwork, bills, bureaucracy... If these words scare you, let us help you.

Ayuda y servicios para particulares
Servicios y gestiones para tu día a día

Switch to Bankinter

Want to bring all your accounts or direct debits to Bankinter? Do it from the comfort of your home:

  • Online
  • From any device

New Bankinter app

Check your activity and carry out transactions at Bankinter in a faster, more flexible and intuitive way. Access everything at the click of a button with the app: on your mobile, in your hand.

  • Available on iOS and Android.

Value your real estate assets

A new free service to obtain valuations of your personal and family real estate assets and manage them alongside your financial assets.

  • Property valuation
  • Estimated rental price
  • Property liquidity

Account management

A new online service for registering and removing authorised parties in your accounts, creating groups of family positions, requesting read-only passwords for your children, and much more.

Virtual agent

Our Telephone Banking service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will help you solve your doubts and answer your questions about your most frequent transactions.

  • Full flexibility
  • Streamlined response.
  • Greater comfort

Financial data aggregation service

You'll be able to add the products you have with other banks to the Bankinter website and app.

  • See all your finances at a glance

Direct debit management

This service is the easiest way to change the account for your direct debits:

  • Online
  • From any device
  • In less than three minutes

New features for sending transfers

Discover the new features that make sending transfers even faster and easier.


You can request any certificate you need through our website:

  • Account ownership
  • Solvency
  • Loan cancellation
  • Loan debt

Tax payments

Use our tax payment service to meet all your tax obligations without having to visit a branch.

Tax information

You can request tax details to file your annual income tax return.

Estate administration

A comprehensive service providing guidance and support for administering the estate of deceased customers holding positions with Bankinter.

Foreign currency orders

Dollars, pounds, dirhams... Order foreign currency through our website or app and we'll let you know through the website or notification when it's available for collection from the branch you designated.

Advantages and promotions

Benefit from exclusive perks and promotions, just for being you and for being a Bankinter customer.

Find out more about perks and promotions
Ventajas y promociones

Three ways to make less more.

Less money, more for you.

EURO 6000 Plus Programme

Paying with our cards makes you eligible for discounts at hundreds of fashion, homeware, technology and sports retailers as well as food delivery services.

Discounts programme

Register with the Discounts programme to buy the same things but at a better price.

And that's not all...


A safe, simple and fee-free method for sending funds to family and friends through your phone, or receiving funds from them. Dinner at a restaurant, a present... pay your share from as little as €0.50 to €1,000.
Find out more about Bizum

Mobile payments

Do you still take your wallet out to pay with your card? Keep your cards on you at all times, on your phone.
Find out more about Mobile payments