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Structured products

An alternative investment approach.

At Bankinter we want to offer you an investment alternative through our structured products so you can find the best solution for your needs.
Productos estructurados

What are Structured Products and how do they work?

All you need to know about introducing structured products into your investment strategy.

Professionalism and confidence in your investments

Adapted to you, your risk profile, and your needs and expectations.

Diversifying your investments to allow simultaneous exposure to different stock indices and shares.

With different levels of capital protection depending on the investor profile.

With different investment terms so you can plan your needs better.

Discover some of our structured products

Bono estructurado BBVA 5x5x5 Anual 23.36


Here's what you need to start trading with structured products:

  • A current account or a broker account1

    If you are not a Bankinter customer, you need to open a current account. We recommend the Broker Account, an account without a maintenance fee specially designed for carrying out investment transactions.

    If you are already a customer, you can use any of your current accounts, or if you prefer you can also open a Broker Account.


  • A broker account2

    Once you have opened or chosen the current account you are going to use to trade with fixed income, you will need to apply for a broker account so that we can deposit public or private debt securities. You can an open the online fixed income account through Broker by signing in with your usual passwords, or by visiting your Bankinter branch.

    I want to open a broker account