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We explain it to you step by step: "play".

Pay your way: you choose, you decide.

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Finding it hard to make ends meet this month?

Make it easier.
Use Paga Cómodo for transfers, bills, cash withdrawals, Bizum...
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You want to rewind your expenses?

Go ahead and start again.
When you use Paga Cómodo, we'll credit your account with the same amount you have decided to pay at your own pace.
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Want to plan your summer but it's not summer?

Why wait?
If a good plan comes up, don't let it slip away. Decide now, enjoy later, pay as you want.

What, another tax bill?

Yes, another.
Income tax, property tax... So be it, but you can pay it when it falls due and use Paga Cómodo to get the amount back in your account whenever you want.

1, 2, 3.... ready!

  • Use the Paga Cómodo button

    You'll see it your accounts.

  • Choose what you want to pay comfortably

    And choose how many monthly instalments you want, from 3 to 36.

  • And that's it!

    We'll credit the selected amount to your account and you won't pay the first instalment until the following month.