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Manage the expenses that pass through your account comfortably.

  • Choose transactions from up to three months ago.
  • We'll credit them to your account instantly.
  • And tell us in how many repayment instalments you want, from 3 to 36.

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Your first Paga cómodo
in up to 12 instalments
Your first Paga Cómodo
0% APR1
Valid until 30/06/24

Give your money a second chance!

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Enjoy it again

Get back the money from your payments: Bizum, bills, transfers, taxes... Any expense for €90 or more that passes through your account.

Don't give anything up

With Paga Comódo you can pay little by little, at your own pace, and use your money for what you really want.

Thinking about it?

  • How many Paga Cómodo transactions can I make?

    As many as you want until you reach your available limit.

  • Can I cancel my Paga Cómodo?

    Of course. Whenever you want, you can totally cancel one, two... or all you have for free.

  • How does Paga Cómodo cost?

    The first one you do is completely free. Thereafter, you can pay comfortably pay for a minimal fee. To give you an idea, here are two examples:

A Paga Cómodo for €100.
You divide it into 3 parts.
You only pay a fee of €1.80 (7.66% APR).2
A Paga Cómodo for €500.
You divide it into 3 parts.
You only pay a fee of €10.80 (9.25% APR).3

We explain it to you step by step: "play".