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I want to build my own home.

You are lucky because you'll be able to make almost everyone's dreams come true. You are lucky because you already have the most important thing: the land or a property you are going to do up. The rest is based, above all, on getting finance through a self-build mortgage, and striking a good balance between your figures and your dreams. In other words, the calculator and the daydream must agree.
Hipoteca autopromotor: construir casa

But where should you put the windows and the pool? How are you going to pay for it?

This is a very important and exciting time. You will be choosing non-stop between this and that, between lime green and pistachio, between... But some decisions will affect the entire project. Let's review some of the earlier points to make it easier to see everything.

  • It's your home. That is why you need your own plans, to your tastes.
  • And people you trust by your side: an architect, builder and bank.
  • Don't be in a hurry. Consider various options and estimates.
  • Stop, think and enjoy the experience. Your home reflects how you live and how you want to live.

This is how self-build mortgages work.

These loans are designed specifically to help you with the payments needed in the process of building your home, or in its assembly if it is a modular construction. These have a number of features and requirements, which we set out below.
Cómo funciona la hipoteca autopromotor

The place

  • Have land registered in the Property Registry.
  • The land is classified for development.
  • Have a licence to build from the local council where your house will be.
Características de la hipoteca autopromotor

The plan

  • Design a plan that will have to be validated by the College of Architects.
  • Get an energy performance certificate.
  • Have a construction estimate for the work from the company that will be responsible for the construction.
Cuánto dinero se aprueba con la hipoteca autopromotor

The money

As with any other mortgage, you need savings to cover the part of the cost not covered by the financing, and to meet the usual requirements: Income, solvency, etc.

Just like your house, the money you have been granted will arrive in stages:

  • Initial or land section

    You will initially receive up to 50% of the appraised value of the land where you will build your house.

  • Certification tranche

    You will receive the amounts needed to cover the phases of the construction as the work progresses and the architect issues certificates.

  • Completion of work period

    You will receive the final payment, which is usually between 10% and 20%, once you get the completion certificate and the first occupation licence.

Something else to make it easier: we call this our Credichalet mortgage.

We think it is simpler than a self-build mortgage but it works in exactly the same way. We summarise some of its features so you start to design your dreams.

  • Finance up to 80% of your first home and up to 60% of your second home.
  • Up to 30 years.
  • As with normal mortgages, you can choose between fixed and variable rates.
  • For your first or second home.
  • Your monthly income must be more than €2,000.
I'm interested in Credichalet
Construir mi propia vivienda con Credichalet
Comparador de hipotecas


Fixed. No, variable. No, fixed, fixed. We display both of them in front of you for you to compare and decide.

At a glance, we get a better idea of why we choose what we choose. With a mortgage, what you want to see quickly is the interest rate, the amount to be financed, the maximum term and the conditions. Here it all is: a comparison tool and both your mortgages, side by side.

There are some essential questions and some clear answers