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How much will I pay for my mortgage each month

I want to do the sums. What will be the total of the mortgage costs? What is the payment? How much...

There are a lot of questions and many numbers we need to be clear about. Note them clearly so you don't forget them. The good thing is that there is someone to do the accounts for you. We offer a range of simulators that can calculate absolutely everything based on the data you provide.

  • Simulate and you'll find out what your monthly payment should be based on your salary.
  • Simulate and you'll know whether one type of mortgage is better than another for you.
  • Simulate and you'll have a comprehensive breakdown of the fees involved.
  • Simulate and you'll know all the costs involved in the purchase and the mortgage.
  • Simulate and you'll see all the interest rates.
  • Simulate and you'll see how everything changes when you increase or decrease the term.
  • Simulate and see.
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Simular hipoteca Bankinter

Who tells you about the costs of buying a house? And what about those of arranging the mortgage? Another simulator?

Exactly. You ask and it does the sums and tells you everything. Yes, and it separates out the costs of buying the house from those of arranging the mortgage. Try it out and you'll see.

Maybe you prefer your figures to be drawn up by people personally for you. A personalised offer in a minute with no obligations. Do you like the sound of that?

Another wish fulfilled. There is a team working behind the simulators who know a lot about mortgages. They can help you with your figures, your questions and your particular requirements. You can ask them for a personalised offer based on your data, right here and right now, with no commitment. Absolutely, no commitment.
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