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Your purchases on will be - happier

Buy your Gift Cards through your Bankinter account and save - on the price of the card.1 Just for being a Bankinter customer.

  • For example, if you buy a €100 card you'll only pay €98,8.
  • Use it to buy or gift any item from, which has almost, almost everything.
  • And don't worry, there's no rush to use them because Gift Cards are valid for 10 years.
Cheque regalo amazon

Buy them in just 3 steps, in less than 3 minutes

Connect to Bankinter

Once connected, if you are on the website go to "Buy Amazon Gift Card" in the Services menu, or in the app open the menu, press "For being Bankinter" and then "Buy Amazon Gift Card".

Select the account and the amount

Select the account which you want to use to pay for the voucher and its amount.

Confirm the transaction and... done!

Confirm the transaction with the password sent to your phone. You will then get the code for your gift card on the screen.


Do I have to be a Bankinter customer to buy a Gift Voucher?

Yes, this service is only available to Bankinter customers.

How do I buy an Gift Voucher through Bankinter?

Super easy! Sign in to with your login credentials and in the “Services” menu select “Buy Amazon Gift Voucher”.

If you connect from the app, open the menu, press "For being Bankinter" and then "Buy Amazon Gift Voucher".

Is there a purchase limit?

Yes, there's a maximum limit of 1,000 euros per year for purchases of Gift Vouchers through the Bankinter service.

This period commences at the start of the year. There's also a maximum limit per purchase of 300 euros.

Do Gift Vouchers expire?

Yes, but they remain valid for a long time. Amazon Gift Vouchers expire after 10 years, which means that you have 10 years to use it from the date of purchase.

What do I do if I didn't make a note of a purchased code?

No problem. You'll find information about the Gift Vouchers purchased through our service and your cumulative savings, and you'll be able to see each code.

Go the Transactions menu, select the Accounts section and then "See Amazon Gift Voucher".

Can I give a purchased Gift Voucher to someone else?

Of course. Once you get the Gift Voucher through Bankinter, you can use it to buy whatever you want on or give it to someone else.

Can I use the purchased codes on any Amazon website?

Gift Vouchers purchased through Bankinter are only valid on