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Virtual cards

Maximum security and greater control of your online purchases.

You have two types of cards, both of them free, so you can choose both if you want

  • Single-use: the limit is the amount of each online purchase you make.
  • Multi-use: you set a monthly limit to keep better control of your subscriptions.
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Need a card? We have the right one for you.

tarjeta combo bankinter

Combo Débito+ card1

Decide how you want to pay: now or later

  • Use the 'now' side as a debit card.
  • Use the 'later' side to split your purchase into four instalments.
tarjeta combo bankinter

Combo Card1

Two cards in one

  • Use the Combo 1 side if you want to pay at the end of the month.
  • Use the Combo 2 side if you prefer to pay little by little.
  • There are no issuance or maintenance fees with the Salary, Non-Salary and Pension accounts.
tarjeta combo bankinter

Combo Profesional card1

A card with a personal side and a business side

  • Two separate statements.
  • Month-end or deferred payment.
  • No issuance or maintenance fees with the business account.


No intermediaries, no explanations.

Because your cards are much more than a payment method. Solutions to meet your needs, whatever they happen to be at any given time. You have them there, to use whenever you need them.

Compra Smart

Buying something big? Cut it down to size.
  • Split the cost of large purchases from €90.
  • You can split one or several purchases or your credit card bill.

Smart Cash

Do you need to top up your account?
  • Transfer money from your credit card to your current account.
  • Instantly, no questions asked.


When paying with your card, decide if you want to split the payment.
  • From your computer or at the time of entering your PIN at the POS.
  • You can divide your purchase into 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Virtual cards

Supplementary cards to your credit or debit card to improve your spending online.
  • A single-use card for greater security.
  • A frequent-use card to improve the way in which you control what you spend.

Manage your card limits whenever you need to.

Recharge your cards

Have you used up your card limit? Transfer money from your account to your card and continue shopping.

Change limits

Because every month is different, you can increase or decrease the limits of your cards according to your needs.

Transfer credit between cards

Your cards are so flexible that you can instantly transfer credit limits between them.

More services for your cards, more convenience for you.

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Mobile payments

All your cards always to hand on your phone: Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.
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Instant card

The moment you apply for your card, for whatever reason, you can use it on your phone. Instantly.

An ATM always nearby

Because you have more than fee-free 17,000 ATMs to withdraw cash from your account.

EURO 6000 Plus Programme

Paying with our cards makes you eligible for discounts at hundreds of fashion, homeware, technology and sports retailers as well as food delivery services.

Other payment methods

Different solutions for different situations.

Vía T card

Pay for motorway tolls automatically. No need to queue, no need to stop.
Find out more about Via T Card

Debit Card

All your expenses will be charged to your account straightaway.
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You can choose from more than 17,000 ATMs for free debit card cash withdrawals.

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