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Bankinter in family

You share birthdays, you share recipes, you share laughter, sometimes sorrows ... Why not share your bank?

Love is sharing the good, the bad and what we don't like. Bankinter in family is a global solution designed so you can share that inevitable part of life, which is work, effort or, what essentially amounts to the same thing, finances, with your loved ones. Products, services and solutions with which go together, by our hand.

Bankinter in family: an exclusive service for the very wealthy, now within your family's reach.

For you, for your family.

For you

We will help you with what you need and with what you still don't know you need. That is our goal, anticipating your needs, but always with solutions for your day to day, your projects, your home.

For your children

Old or young, we will help you in your personal growth by adapting our proposal to your age, your current and future needs, and your financial education.

For your elderly relatives

Whether they are still working or have already earned their well-deserved rest or, perhaps they have delegated the management of their finances to you, we will help you with solutions that make it easy so you can dedicate your time to what is really important.

Bankinter has the solution

We’re here to answer your banking queries and provide you with technical support.

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