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The best housing option according to your profile

Better to buy a home or rent?

There are as many options as there are people, because the best option, between buying or renting, will depend on who you are, your savings, your financial horizon, your job stability, how you look at life, in short, everything that defines you. So, since nobody knows you better than you, we are going to put the ball back in your court by asking you some questions that will help you solve the riddle.

The here and now

comprar o alquilar casa

Before getting into who you are, what you do, what you like or whether you study or work, we have made an objective analysis of the current situation. This is information that you will surely know, and that should be remembered because they affect the eternal decision between buying a house or renting.

  • Unlike other European countries, in Spain, depending on where you live, rents are expensive. That's just the way it is, even if we don't like it.
  • For the same reason, buying is understood as a form of saving compared to “throwing money away” on renting.
  • As interest rates are low, a house of your own, in addition to being your home, is a way to get more for your money.

Y ahora la pelota vuelve a tu tejado: ¿estás preparado para comprar una casa o aún no es tu momento?

You don't have any savings?

Don't worry, it happens to a lot of us. Things aren't easy, but we are going to give you a couple of tips to start a savings plan in the form of a piggy bank to build up that deposit that keeps you awake at night.

  • Set a bit of your monthly budget aside and put it into a regular investment plan. That little amount and the income it yields will all add up. And because you are putting away such small amounts you won't notice it.
  • The important thing is not the quantity, but that you do it constantly, without altering your lifestyle. €20, €30, €50 a month? Your Christmas bonus?

Invest in small amounts at a time

Do you already have savings?

Well, where do we start! Go for it. Buying your own place means independence, you won't be worried about whether your rental agreement will be renewed and how much it will be, you will be investing your money instead of spending it... Don't think twice!

  • Start by calculating the house you can afford based on your savings.
  • Bear in mind you will need to have about 30% of the value of the house saved: one part for the deposit and another for the expenses.

Simulate mortgage

Are you in your 40s-50s and living a second youth?

It is true that these days it's more difficult to buy a house. If years of effort have finally paid off, you're just one step away from being able to buy your own home.

  • It's never too late, to try canyoning, to learn to play the piano and, of course, to apply for a mortgage.
  • You can choose any mortgage: fixed, variable or mixed-rate. The only difference you will find is that the repayment period will be shorter.

What mortgage is right for me?

Do you rent because you have no choice?

If you rent and are toying with the idea of buying, but you're not yet able to take the step, we have a proposal to help you, called Rental Savings Plan.

  • If you pay your rent through your Bankinter account, as soon you sign your mortgage with us, you will receive a discount.
  • The discount can reach up to €500, which will be kept in a virtual piggy bank so that, when the time arrives to sign, you can use that money for whatever you want: a new sofa, flower pots for the balcony, to pay your taxes, anything you like.

Rental Savings Plan

You are renting but you can't stop thinking about buying

Maybe your our job situation has settled down, you are now earning a decent income or you are finding it difficult to live with your flatmates. Whatever the reason, you've come this far, so don't stop and keep moving forward.

  • We recommend you start calculating which house you can afford, based on your income and savings.
  • And while you're thinking about it, we recommend you use Bk Rent: you will be eligible for a discount for paying your rent through your Bankinter account.

Calculate payments

Not sure how to get started?

Maybe you're not sure that you want to live in the same place forever, you like sharing a house or you travel a lot. They are good reasons to rent, but it doesn't hurt to think a bit ahead.

  • You may change your mind in the future, and that's the great thing about life, it's full of surprises. It's a good idea to save so that, if you do change your mind, you have money to put down a deposit. And if you don't, at least you'll have your savings.
  • Maybe you are put off by the feeling that you will be tied to your mortgage for the rest of your life? Don't worry, you can always sell it and you will almost certainly get a good deal. Why don't you play around with a few numbers? It'll only take a few minutes.

Simulate mortgage

Mortgage calculator

Rental or mortgage payment? Do the maths.

The mortgage simulator will make things clear. You can play about and enter many different variables: the price of the house, the mortgage repayment term, the amount to apply for, etc. You can do it as many times as you want until you get a result with which you can compare and see if, for the same amount that you pay for rent, you can have your own house.
Simulate mortgage
Simular hipoteca Bankinter

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