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I owe you money? No worries, I’ll pay you through Bizum.

Bizum: a new safe and simple way to send and receive funds through your mobile.


Mobile payments

What for?

Well, maybe you're buying or paying for something jointly with a few other people: such as a gift or dinner at a restaurant? Because we know it's a lot of bother trying to get all the cash together.


From all the people who are registered in Bizum. Most banks have joined the scheme and if the recipient isn't registered, they'll get an invitation to register free of charge.


The money is sent from your current account to the recipient's account, or vice versa. You don't have to key in the account number, just the mobile number.

From how much?

From €0.50 to €1,000. Or, to put it another way, from as little as the office lottery to a weekend break.

What does it cost?

Bizum is free of charge. You don’t pay anything to register, or to send and receive money.

Payments for your online purchases

If you are registered with Bizum, you can now pay for your online purchases with the Bizum Code, a four-digit code that will be linked to your phone. Enter it when you shop at stores that offer Bizum as a payment method and follow the steps.

More Bizum features

Trusted beneficiaries

With this new feature, you will be able to transfer money to the mobile phones that you choose as trusted beneficiaries without having to use a card with details or passwords1. Register your beneficiaries in the Profile and Security section or directly when making a Bizum payment.

Use at Lottery Outlets

You can now pay for and collect your bets at Lottery Outlets with ease2, from the Bankinter App with the “Bizum QR”.


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See Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

Limits on orders issued and requested
Limit type
Maximum amount per transaction sent
€ 1.000
Minimum amount per transaction sent
€ 0,50
Maximum amount sent per day/month
€ 2.000 / € 5.000
Maximum number of requests for money issued per month
60 transactions per tax ID number
Duration of the delivery pending to a non-customer
2 days
Duration of a pending request to a non-customer
7 days
Limits for receipt of orders
Limit type
Maximum amount per transaction received
€ 1.000
Minimum amount per transaction received
€ 0,50
Maximum amount received per day
€2,000 per tax ID number
Maximum number of transactions received per day
Sin Limit
Maximum number of transactions received per month
60 transactions per tax ID number
Transaction type
Cash transfer
€ 0
Cash order
€ 0
Receiving cash
€ 0


Can I send funds to anyone?

Yes, if you send funds to, or request funds from, a person who is not registered, a message will be sent to their mobile; if they register with any of the entities participating in the system within two days, the money will be sent. If they do not, it is cancelled.

If I am a customer of two banks, can I choose which bank I make the payment through?

You choose the bank when you register for the service, and payments will always be made through the account linked at that time.

If I have two mobile phone numbers, can I associate each one with a different bank?

Yes. A person can register two or more mobile phones, one with each bank, associating each mobile to a different account in each bank, enabling the user to issue, request and receive payments in different banks.

Can I send funds to a person who lives outside Spain using an international mobile?

No. At present, the service only works at the national level and exclusively with participating Spanish banks.

Can I change my entity to receive payments?

Yes. If you are registered with another entity and would like to change your Bizum billing account to your Bankinter account, you just have to order this. Bankinter will process the portability at no charge.

Can I send myself funds between accounts in the same bank?

Yes, as long as the receiving account is the one associated with the system registration.

What happens if an account has two or more holders?

Nothing. Several owners can use the same account; however, each owner must associate their mobile number and tax ID number (NIF) with it.

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