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Mortgage costs calculator

Both mortgage costs and costs associated with buying the house!

There are two types of expenses, they are both different and they are not to be confused. There are expenses associated with the mortgage and expenses associated with buying the home. In some cases they are common, but the most important thing is to know what they are and how to calculate them. Our smart mortgage simulator will do the maths for you and also break down the different items.
  • Simulate the expenses associated with the purchase and with the mortgage.
  • It will only take a minute.
  • You won't get confused because the simulator does the calculation in just one step.
Gastos de hipoteca que asume el banco

Some expenses are borne by the bank

These are the expenses that you will not have to add to your Bankinter mortgage. This is because we take care of them.
  • Zero management expenses
  • €0 registration fee.
  • Zero notary expenses.
  • Zero stamp duty.

Now that you know what the expenses are, you will be wondering: what exactly are they for?

We will explain them one by one.
cuanto pagar al mes por hipoteca


It is the market value of the house and considers variables such as location or surroundings. The price will influence the percentage granted to you in the loan.


They are notary fees for recording the purchase of the house and the signing of the mortgage loan in a public deed.

Registro de la Propiedad

Once you have the deeds, you need to register the house with the Land Registry in the town or city where it is located. It is one more piece of official evidence that shows that you have bought the home

IAJD (stamp duty)

Stamp duty (IAJD) varies depending on each autonomous community and is calculated based on the amount that appears in the notarial deed. It is common to all types of housing, new or second-hand.


If the house is a new build, you will have to take VAT into account. In general terms, this is 10% of the cost of the house. However, there are some exceptions, such as in the Canary Islands where it is 6.5% or in the case of public housing.

Asset transfer tax

When the home is second-hand, this is the tax that replaces VAT. The percentage varies depending on the autonomous community. It is usually between 6% and 10%.

Management fees

This expense is for fees for the agency in charge of the processing and administration of all the expenses and paperwork that we have just seen.

Other possible expenses to consider

Do not confuse expenses with fees because they are not the same.

Both are translated into euros but, unlike expenses, fees vary depending on the mortgage chosen or the amount requested. Here are some of the most common.

  • Arrangement fee.
  • Early repayment fee.
  • Subrogation fee.

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