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Documents you need to understand before buying a house

Before buying. All the formalities and paperwork.

It seems you've already found a home! Congratulations. Now what? Paperwork and more paperwork? Yes, but let's go step by step. Let's start by understanding what documents you should ask for from the seller or estate agent, to understand the current situation of the property before signing an earnest money contract. Don't worry! It isn't so difficult and the list isn't that long.

  • We will only tell you what you need in your specific case and no more.
  • We will clarify what some of the documents are for and how to get them.
  • Land registry, charges, certificates... We explain what all of these are.
  • Tick them off and have everything in order before signing an earnest money contract.
  • Ask the seller for what you need.
Documentos necesarios para comprar una casa
Mandatory documents
Mandatory documents
Why you need it
How you get it
Updated land registry certificate
To find out who the owners of the property are, and its description and actual size. To know if there is a mortgage on it or any debts or charges.
The Land Registry will provide this. Or ask the seller or your estate agent.
Energy performance certificate
You must have this certificate, which must be issued by an official technician. It also enables you to assess the property's energy consumption.
Ask for it from the seller.
IBI (property tax) receipt
Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles (IBI) is the property tax paid each year. You need to have the latest bill.
Ask for it from the seller.
Technical Building Inspection (ITE)
This assures you that the building is in good condition, or tells you whether it has any issues or needs some maintenance work.
Ask the seller to provide it.
Association of Property Owners' certificate
Use this to check that all payments are up to date, and whether there is any approved and pending expenditure.
Ask for it from the seller.
Documents of interest
Documents of interest
Why you need it
How you get it
Utility bills: electricity, water, gas, etc.
These will tell you about the costs and help you calculate the monthly outgoings. And they will assure you everything is in order, avoiding any surprises.
Ask for them from the seller.

Have you got everything? Then go for it. You can start to buy your home.

We understand if you are nervous, because everything now starts to become real. These are the next steps you should take when you have all the documents and confirmations.
Documentos para comprar una casa

Secure your home with an earnest money contract

This is a contract where the parties agree to complete the transaction in a few months, with a sum of money as a guarantee.
Find out more about how to secure your home with an earnest money contract

Talk to your bank and choose your mortgage

When the numbers are clear and the house has been reserved, you can start looking at the terms and conditions, interest rates, the security you will be asked to provide...
Find out more about talking to the bank

It is time for the property appraisal

This step is very important. The appraisal determines the maximum mortgage you can apply for.
Find out more about when to appraise the property
Requisitos para pedir una hipoteca para comprar casa

It's time to think about the mortgage: we make it easy for you.

Chin up, you're on the right track! We'll try to clear the way for you, detailing the procedures and documents you'll need when you apply for a mortgage, your mortgage

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