Neither black nor white. Neither fixed nor variable.

A mortgage that combines a fixed interest rate with a variable rate.

Whatever the type of home

See Mixed mortgage terms and conditions Mixed mortgage terms and conditions

The Mixed Mortgage is a mortgage loan that combines an initial fixed-rate period with a second variable-rate period until the maturity of the loan.

The initial fixed-rate period may have a maximum duration of up to 20 years (the number of years can be chosen).

Terms and conditions

To buy your primary residence or second home.

For individuals resident in Spain (contact us for terms and conditions for non-residents) whose total income exceeds €2,000/month.

Up to 80% of the value of the primary residence and 60% of the second home, using the lower of the appraisal value or the purchase value as the benchmark.

Interest rates

The interest rate varies depending on the fixed tranche chosen:

Up to 10 years
Fulfilling terms and conditions1:
  • 1.60% NIR
  • 2.30% Variable APR
Without fulfilling terms and conditions1:
  • 2.90% NIR
  • 3.5% Variable APR
Up to 15 years
Fulfilling terms and conditions2:
  • 1.75% NIR
  • 2.45% Variable APR
Without fulfilling terms and conditions2:
  • 3.05% NIR
  • 3.40% Variable APR
Up to 20 years
Fulfilling terms and conditions3:
  • 1.80% NIR
  • 2.50% Variable APR
Without fulfilling terms and conditions3:
  • 3.10% NIR
  • 3.45% Variable APR

Interest rate for the variable tranche fulfilling terms and conditions: Euribor + 0.99%.

Interest rate for the variable tranche without fulfilling terms and conditions: Euribor + 2.29%.

'Fulfilling terms and conditions' refers to holding the following products with the Bank:

Salary Account, Business Account or Non-Salary Account (discount of 0.50 percentage points).

Life insurance covering 100% of the mortgage amount, taken out with Bankinter Seguros de Vida, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros (discount of 0.60 percentage points).

Comprehensive Household Insurance with a minimum content coverage of €30,000 and a structure capital equivalent to the appraisal value of the property for insurance purposes, contracted with Línea Directa Asegurada, S.A and brokered by Bankinter, S.A., Operador de Banca-Seguro (discount of 0.10 percentage points).

Pension Plan/EPSV: Have a pension plan/EPSV in place with Bankinter Seguros de Vida, belonging to Bankinter, S.A. Group, for the entire mortgage term and make a minimum annual contribution to it of €600 (discount of 0.10 percentage points).

These products are optional for the customer, but if they are not acquired the rate applied when terms and conditions are fulfilled will be increased by the percentage points corresponding to the sum of each of the products not acquired.

Contract amount and term

Minimum amount of €30,000.

Maximum term of 30 years.

Arrangement fee

The arrangement fee is €500.

Mortgage expenses

The customer will pay the appraisal costs. The Bank will pay the expenses of the Notary, registry, management agency and stamp duty (the amount of which varies depending on the autonomous community where the mortgage is arranged), except in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (where the customer pays such costs, except for the acquisition of a primary residence which is exempt from this tax).

The mortgage is provided subject to the application being approved by Bankinter, S.A.

Offer valid until 15/08/2020 or until reaching a total of €25 million.

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