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Investment services

We treat your money professionally.

Bankinter investment services allow you to manage your investments with the help of our teams of professionals, experts who will offer you the best assets in every situation: yours and that of the financial markets.

  • Investment opportunities and recommendations identified by experts.
  • Investments tailored to your expectations and personal situation.
  • Investments adapted to your investment goals, profile and preferences.
Servicios de inversión
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What do you want? What do you expect? What do you need?

We'll help you answer all your questions about developing an investment strategy tailored to your needs, your savings capacity, your time of life and your goals. Ask yourself, ask us.


The services provided by our analysts and management experts will help you get the best return on your assets.

  • You delegate your investment management decisions to professionals.
  • The team of professionals will always take into account your investment goals and profile and adapt your investments accordingly.
  • You can forget about the details and having to keep constant track of your investments.
  • You will always have detailed and up-to-date information about the performance of your investments.
Delegated Investment
A service that allows you to delegate the entire management of your investments to Bankinter Gestión de Activos, our fund manager.
  • Available for investment funds, pension plans and securities.
  • Always according to your medium and/or long-term investment goals and preferences.
  • Personalised management: a manager at your disposal to answer all your questions.
  • Minimum amount: €1,000
Excellence Management
An exclusive service that allows you to delegate the entire management of part of your assets to the experts at Bankinter Gestión de Activos.
  • Available for investment fund portfolios and multi-asset portfolios.
  • Personalised management tailored to your needs.
  • Detailed and personalised monitoring of your investments.
  • Minimum amount: €300,000
Roboadvisor is Bankinter's online investment service, a service that allows you to invest in different products in a few easy steps.
  • Online subscription.
  • Portfolios of funds and pension plans adapted to your needs.
  • Minimum amount: €1,000
Bankinter Gestión de Activos

Bankinter asset management

35 years of experience and 45 national and international awards behind your investments.

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