There’s no such thing as the perfect fund. But a fund can be just right for a saver’s profile.

Profiled funds

We offer a selection of profiled funds based on your investment goals and the risk you’re willing to assume.

Socially Responsible Funds

Our proposal for those who seek a return on their investment and are socially responsible.

Bankinter Funds

Bankinter Gestión de Activos offers a wide range of investment funds.

Other managers’ funds

Bankinter gives you access to the funds of more than 100 national and international fund managers.

Delegated investment

from €1,000

You can delegate the management of your investments to a team of experts. Always based on your investor profile.

You can now apply online for our investment funds.

Delegated Asset Management

from €300,000
If you want to delegate the management of some of your assets, our portfolio management service will always take into account your medium and/or long-term investment goals.

Customised investment

from €9,000
An advisory service to get the most out of your money: always according to your needs and your interests, that's why it's tailor-made.

Private advice

from €2,000,000
An advisory service provided by our best specialists. A service in which you have the last word.

Regular Savings Plan

Want to start saving? Now there's no excuse. Our regular savings plan takes all the effort out of saving. Plus, you'll create a new habit – a good one.



Everything is easier when you can rely on help.

T-Report is the quantitative analysis on financial markets provided by the TechRules reference platform. And our comparator will help you choose from the different funds in our portfolio based on their yields.



Our expert analysts prepare a range of reports to help you make decisions: market forecasts, investment strategies, recommendations, and much more.

How do funds work?

Everything you need to know about funds clearly explained by our team of specialists.

Investment funds dictionary

Access the glossary where you will find all the information you need about investment funds.
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We’re here to answer your banking queries and provide you with technical support.

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