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fondos perfilados

Profiled funds

Are you looking for a fund that is tailored to you? Take a look at our Profiled Funds.

Because you will be able to pick the investment fund1 that is most closely tailored to your preferences and your desired level of risk. They will also enable you to invest in direct assets as well as in other national and international managers' funds.


All investment-fund categories at your fingertips.

We are ready to help you to achieve your goals.

Profiled funds

We offer a selection of profiled funds based on your investment goals and the risk you’re willing to assume.

Sustainable investment funds

Our proposal if you're looking for a return but in a way that respects the environment and society.

Bankinter Funds

Bankinter Gestión de Activos offers a wide range of investment funds.

Other managers’ funds

Bankinter gives you access to the funds of more than 100 national and international fund managers.


Selection of funds based on the new social landscape and new investment opportunities: sectors that have become megatrends, such as healthcare, technology and consumption.

Bankinter capital protected funds

Bankinter capital protected funds are specially designed so that people with a more conservative investment profile can also access the international financial markets and the opportunities they offer.


Invest in new technologies, climate change, commodities, biotechnology and more. Here. Now.

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Evento metaverso e inversión

Bankinter Metaverso by Edmond de Rothschild, FI

Investing in the metaverse is no longer science fiction.

With you, our customers, we want to be one of the first to invest in the world of the future. And the way we are going to do it is through the Bankinter Metaverso by Edmond de Rothschild FI fund,1 an innovative proposal to capture the long-term development of the elements that will shape the metaverse.

  • While everyone is talking about the metaverse, you can invest in it.

Investment funds for beginners

If you've never bought an investment fund or you're not sure how they work... We'll explain everything in detail to make it easy for you.

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Fondos de inversión para principiantes

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Herramientas de fondos de inversión

Compare or search?

There are thousands of investment funds around the world but they are not all the same. You only have to look at the fund's data to find out which is most suitable. Decide which tool you want to use.

Investment fund transfer

You can do it right here, online, wherever you are. And if you have already added your other banks to our website through the financial aggregation service, it will be even easier.

Regular contributions promotion

We reward your perseverance. Now you can get a bonus if you set up regular contributions2 to your investment funds.

Market analysis

Now, more than ever, get the latest information from our team of experts: weekly report with market forecasts, strategies, recommendations, and more.

Notifications service for investment funds

All the information that you need to keep yourself informed about how your investment funds are doing. This notification service enables you to configure notifications according to your needs.

Do you have any questions about investment funds?

Find out the answers to all your questions about investment funds: what is it, benefits, etc.

See What are investment funds? What are investment funds?

Investment funds are a collective investment instrument made up of a large number of investors, known as "unit holders", who contribute capital to the fund through "units".

Investment funds are created by a fund manager, which identifies opportunities according to the guidelines and strategies of its predefined investment policy (expected return and potential risk). Regardless of the investment policy, all funds, without exception, diversify their investment across different types of assets to reduce the risk.

Diversification is an important point to keep in mind. Investors can use the same fund to distribute their money across different markets and assets to avoid concentrating the risk in just a handful of instruments. The more diversified the fund, the less risk and volatility it will have, and the easier it will be to offset any losses from one type of asset with the gains from another type.

Investment funds are made up of assets (securities and cash) divided into units. Investors make contributions and delegate their investment decisions to professional managers, always with the aim of obtaining the maximum possible return based on the risk they are willing to assume.

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See What is the essential objective of an investment fund? What is the essential objective of an investment fund?

Investment funds are made up of a group of people who decide to invest together to obtain better conditions and higher returns. Without having great financial knowledge, they allow the unit holders to access investment opportunities that would otherwise be more complicated to access, such as stocks or bonds.

The main aim of an investment fund is to meet the profitability expectations for its unit holders, always in line with the investment policy previously defined in the fund and with the investor profile with which it identifies: Conservative, dynamic or aggressive.

This main objective is achieved by:

  • Granting investors access to the securities market, even if they have no knowledge of it.
  • Diversifying the risk of investors participating in the fund.
  • Offering investors the possibility of acting collectively, thus generating greater advantages and opportunities.

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See What are the tax advantages of investment funds? What are the tax advantages of investment funds?

What taxes do I have to pay on investment funds? What are the benefits of investment funds in my income tax return? Do you pay tax on the profits or returns of investment funds? ... These questions often arise when we are not familiar with investment funds.

One of the main features of investment funds is that they are exempt from taxation until they are redeemed. In other words, they are taxed when you decide to withdraw the money invested or the returns. This is included in the tax base for savings for personal income tax purposes and is declared as capital gains or losses.

The returns generated by investment funds are not taxed if we reinvest them in other funds. We only pay tax when the returns come into our possession. There is no taxation as long as the capital is invested.

Transfers between funds provide significant tax benefits. Transfers between funds are exempt from taxation. This means you can move your money from one fund to another without having to pay tax, regardless of any profits or losses. Remember that investment funds are subject to market fluctuations and other risks related to investing in securities.

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How do funds work?

Everything you need to know about funds, explained clearly and concisely.

Investment funds dictionary

Access the glossary where you will find all the information you need about investment funds.
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