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Business insurance

Insurance for your business

Seguros para tu negocio

Business Multi-Risk Insurance

Designed to cover risks related to your business, office, warehouse or factory.

General and Business Liability Insurance

Insurance that covers defence, bail and indemnity costs if third parties file a claim against your business.

Liability Insurance for Executives

In cases of fault or negligence, this policy aims to cover your assets if third parties file a claim against you as your company's executive and/or general manager. The policyholder must be the company itself.


This policy covers risks that arise on a building site: damage to the construction itself, equipment, third-party liability, etc. You can also take out the ten-year defects insurance policy.

Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment insurance includes numerous guarantees to cover contingencies and ensure permanent protection against accidental breakage, fire, theft, electrical damage, assembly failures, etc.

See Cover Cover

Comprehensive insurance for store and business owners

Basic guarantees:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, rain, wind, flood, hail and snow.
  • Damage due to smoke, vandalism, impact of vehicles, electrical damage to installations and sections of energy production, distribution and/or transformation.
  • Water damage (including the cost of locating and repairing the breakage).
  • Expenses for demolition, debris removal, fire-extinguishing and loss of rental income, replacement of files and documents.
  • Aesthetic damage to the structure, breakage of glass, mirrors, panes of glass, marbles, granite, natural stone, sanitary ware and signs.
  • Forced eviction, experts’ fees.

Optional guarantees:

  • Robbery, theft and damage.
  • Merchandise in shop window.
  • Goods in exterior showcases.
  • Cash inside and outside safe.
  • Robbery of cash transporters.
  • Robbery of customers and employees.
  • Employee infidelity.
  • Loss of profits.
  • Breakdown of machinery and electronic equipment.
  • Damage to electrical appliances.
  • Deterioration of goods in refrigerator.
  • Third-party liability: exploitation, employers, products and bonds.
  • Transport of goods.
  • Assistance for the company.

General and professional third-party liability

  • Basic exploitation and/or professional third-party liability cover.
  • Accidents at work (Employer's Third-Party Liability).
  • Products.
  • Tenant's Liability.
  • Defence costs.
  • Judicial bonds.

Third-party liability for directors

Primary third-liability coverage:

  • Directors' or executives' third-party liability.
  • Liability for improper labour practises.
  • Insured party's third-party liability for counter claims.
  • Reimbursement to the entity.

Coverage of additional expenses:

  • Legal defence expenses, third-party liability.
  • Bankruptcy guarantee expenses.
  • Administrative fines and sanctions.
  • Research expenses.
  • Emergency and crisis management costs.
  • Advertising and image restitution costs.
  • Extradition expenses.
  • Coverage of expenses in case of contamination.
  • Defence expenses for entity's criminal liability.

Building insurance policies

Our construction insurance covers risks for temporary and permanent work carried out on a construction site. These are some of the guarantees you can take out under this policy:

Basic guarantees:

  • Damage to works.

Complementary cover (optional):

  • Robbery.
  • Overtime, night work and holidays.
  • Strike, riot, civil uprising.
  • Terrorism.
  • Pre-existing assets.
  • Construction machinery.
  • Construction equipment.
  • Debris removal and demolition expenses.
  • Extracontractual third-party liability.
  • Cross third-party liability.
  • Maintenance coverage (optional).
  • Extensive maintenance.

We also have a Ten-Year Insurance Policy to cover structural damage to a building as established by the Buildings Standards Act:

Basic guarantees:

  • Structural damage.

Complementary cover (optional):

  • Demolition and Debris Clearing Costs.
  • Mechanical resistance and stability of non-load-bearing façades.
  • Waterproofing of roofs.
  • Façade waterproofing.
  • Watertightness of basements.
  • Pre-existing assets.
  • Automatic updating of sum insured (optional).
  • Waiver of the right of subrogation (optional).

Machinery and equipment

Depending on the type of machinery and equipment, this type of insurance has the following main guarantees:

Internal causes:

  • Error in design, manufacture, defects in assembly, workmanship and material.

External causes:

  • Deterioration caused by water or other liquids.
  • Fall, impact or collision of vehicles, including aircraft and their objects, as well as the obstruction or entry by foreign bodies.

Technical causes:

  • Damage or loss of electronic equipment, caused by damage to air conditioning installations which may be compensated for under the policy.
  • Failure in regulation and safety devices.
  • Vibrations, misalignments, loosening of parts, greasing defects and self-heating.

Human causes:

  • Lack of skill, negligence and malicious acts by the insured person's personnel or third parties.

Electrical damage:

  • The direct action of electricity as a result of short circuits, overvoltage and other similar effects, and electrical disturbances derived from lightning strikes.

Extreme weather phenomena:

  • Overflow, flood, hurricane or storms.


  • Fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, theft, looting and any other cause not expressly excluded.

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