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This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 represents the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor per institution.

2 additional accounts for anything you need and with whoever you want

To invest, save, share and pay, among other things, so you can organise your finances the way you want. You can open these two accounts with whoever you want: for you, your partner, your children, your grandchildren or for anyone you can think of.

Calcula la remuneración de tu cuenta

¿Quieres saber cuánto dinero puedes conseguir y cuánto ahorrarás con la Cuenta Nómina de Bankinter?

Your return: how much, when and how does it work?


We will calculate the interest based on the daily balance of your account.

This is important, because it is not based on the amount of your salary. We calculate the interest on the basis of your daily account balance. In other words, what matters is your daily account balance, not what you earn.

How much?

Up to 5% AER in the first year and up to 2% AER in the second year.

You will earn a return on your account balance for two years, subject in both years to a maximum interest-bearing balance of €10,000. In this case, you would earn €683.52 over the two years.

When will you receive the money?

You will receive the money every six months.

In other words, two settlements in the first year and two settlements in the second year. Payment will be based on the daily balance in your account during those four six-month periods.
cuentas para jovenes bankinter

Two examples, two returns, two customers: Juan and Sara.

Juan's accounts:

  • Juan has earned €683.52 with his Salary Account in two years.
  • To remunerate Juan's account, we have calculated and settled his interest every six months.
  • While his average balance was €12,000, we have based the calculation on €10,000, which is the maximum amount to be remunerated.
  • Here is the breakdown:
First year
First six months: 12.000€ Second six months: 12.000€
Annual NIR 4.94% (4.16% AER) Annual NIR 4.94% (4.16% AER)
First six months: 243,62 € Second six months: 243,62 €
Second year
First six months: 12.000€ Second six months: 12.000€
Annual NIR 1.99% (1.67% AER) Annual NIR 1.99% (1.67% AER)
First six months: 98,14€ Second six months: 98,14€
Juan has earned the maximum return possible with our Salary Account:

With zero fees:

No account maintenance fees
No credit card issuance or maintenance fees.
Free online national and intra-EU transfers in euros.

Arrange for your salary to be paid into your account directly, without having to jump through any hoops:

Have your salary (€800 per month at least) paid directly into your account and keep your level of income constant.
Have at least three bills charged from the account every quarter. It can be one bill a month, three bills a month, the next two months none, etc.
Make at least three card payments per quarter. They can be purchases at physical stores or online, either by debit or credit.

Much more than an account:

  • With the Switch to Bankinter service you can leave everything to us. We'll make all the arrangements to switch whatever you tell us to Bankinter.
  • If you open your Bankinter salary account online now you can choose between a debit card or credit card3. No issuance or maintenance fee.
  • Discounts in hundreds of stores fashion, home, technology, sport, food delivery ...
  • More than 17,000 free debit ATMs in Spain, whatever the amount you withdraw. Does anyone give more?
  • You can pay with your mobile with Bizum, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
cuentas bancarias bankinter

Payroll account

More with your salary

  • Up to 5% AER2
  • With zero fees
  • Credit card 
  • +2 FREE accounts

Pension Account

If you're a pensioner, it's time to enjoy yourself

  • Up to 5% AER2
  • With zero fees
  • Credit card
  • +2 FREE accounts

Business account

You can also ask for one if you are self-employed.

  • Up to 5% AER2
  • With zero fees
  • Credit card
  • +2 FREE accounts

Non-Salary Account

If you don't have a regular income

  • Up to 5% AER2
  • With zero fees
  • Credit card
  • +2 FREE accounts

Youth Salary account

If you have a salary and are under 31 years old

  • Up to 5% AER4
  • With zero fees
  • Combo card
  • +2 FREE accounts