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Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this fund is €100,000 per depositor.

Sole Trader Account

If you're self-employed, here's a little joy at last: an account that has everything, just like everyone else's.

  • No fees
  • No hassle
Up to 5% AER the first year 1 and up to 2% AER the second year. The maximum interest-bearing balance is €5,000 the first year.1 The maximum interest-bearing amount is €5,000.

Plus all these advantages:

Business Combo card

Two sides, two cards, two statements.

  • Your personal and business expenses separate and tidy
  • Pay for all your purchases
  • You'll be able to choose how you want to pay
  • Plus 2% cash back on all your deferred purchases
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See Account terms and conditions Account terms and conditions

Business Account terms and conditions

The remuneration on the Business Account is a nominal rate of 4.94% in the first year (5% APR). During the second year, the nominal remuneration will be 1.99% (2% APR). The APR has been calculated considering that there are no fees for the Business Account. The amount resulting from each half-yearly settlement will be subject to the withholding percentage stipulated in tax regulations, as it is treated as a capital gain.

The maximum daily balance to be remunerated shall not exceed €5,000.

The account will begin to be remunerated when the first entry of an amount equal to or greater than that declared in the application is registered.

Requirements to enjoy the advantages of the promotion

Open a Business Account with Bankinter in the promotion period. You must be an individual, resident in Spain, who does not have, or has not previously had accounts with Bankinter, either on your own or jointly. You must therefore be a new customer. These accounts must be opened simultaneously with the registration of the customer.

Register as a customer and open your Business Account before the end of the promotion period.

The professional income you receive must be €1,000 net per month or more.

You must pay at least three bills by direct deposit in the quarter through your Business Account.

The time limit for making the first deposit is two months from the moment you open your Business Account. If there is no income after this time, the account will lose its status as a Business Account and will lose the associated advantages, products and services.

This promotion is not available to Bankinter Group employees and agents.

Income in the form of cheques, transfers, remittances and POS sales is considered to be valid income for the Business Account. Cash income is not taken into account and the sum of income is accepted.

Cards of account holders who receive business income associated with the Business Account must be active, i.e. used to make at least three payment transactions in the quarter.


What documentation do I need to open my Professional Account?

Photocopy of the tax ID number (NIF) of the owners of the account.

Photocopy of the last payroll.

What do I have to do to move my direct debits to my new account?

Very little. You just have to provide us with a copy of each of them and sign the authorisation document to change the direct debit. The bank will take care of the rest. You can do this in any of our branches or using Telephone Banking, by providing us with the data: 902 13 23 13

Can I withdraw cash with my card?

You can withdraw cash from your account without a fee2 from more than 14,000 ATMs, In all: Bankinter, red Euro 6000, Banco Popular, Grupo Cajas Rurales, Deutsche Bank, Grupo Cajamar, Laboral Kutxa, Banco Pastor, Banca March, Targo Bank and Euro Automatic Cash.

Can I have a cheque book?

Yes, you can request one at no charge.

Can a customer have more than one Professional Account?

Yes, meeting the requirements of both accounts, up to a maximum of two Professional Accounts (the holder who receives incomes has to be entered; a person can only be included in an account as a holder who pays in income) or a Professional Account + a Non-Payroll Account. A customer may only be the holder of one interest-bearing account and a maximum of two bonus current accounts. For these purposes, a bonus current account is understood to be a current account that has special financial conditions such as free credit cards and no fees. This limit will also apply to any other interest-bearing account, subsidised or with special conditions, that Bankinter may offer in the future.

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