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This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 represents the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor per institution.


The first business account that gives you another 2 accounts for free1 and up to €680.

As a self-employed person, you know better than anyone what it costs to earn a little extra. But as well as having no fees, the Business Account is linked to lots of services designed to make your everyday banking and finances easier and save you time.

  • If you open it online, you can choose between a debit or credit card without an issue or maintenance fee.2
  • Promotion valid until - or until 40,000 accounts have been opened.
  • You can have up to two additional current accounts without a maintenance fee (0% NIR, 0% APR).
the first year and up to 2% AER the second year. Maximum interest-bearing balance €10,000in the first year1. Maximum
interest-bearing balance: €10,000.

2 additional accounts for anything you need and with whoever you want

To invest, save, share and pay, among other things, so you can organise your finances the way you want. You can open these two accounts with whoever you want: for you, your partner, your children, your grandchildren or for anyone you can think of.

So you know exactly what we are talking about, we will calculate and explain the maximum interest you could receive.

Example for a daily balance of €10,000 in the account, calculated for a settlement period of 180 days:
NIR - AER payment
Gross return.
1st year:
Annual NIR 4.94% (AER 5%)
1st six months: €243.62 2nd six months: €243.62
2nd year:
Annual NIR 1.99% (AER 2%)
3rd six months: €98.144th six months: €98.14

Plus all these advantages:

cuentas remuneradas sin comisiones

2 additional free accounts

All you have to do is open a business account to enjoy them. It's as easy as that.

Debit or credit card2

You decide which one suits you best. If you choose the debit card, remember you will need to open your account here, on the website: faster, easier.

National and intra-EU transfers, free

All national and intra-EU transfers that you make in euros and through the website have no fees. You will not pay any fees for paying cheques into your account either.

Multichannel access to your account

As well as at our branches you can conduct enquiries and transactions on the website, on your phone or via telephone banking, which is just as secure but a lot faster.

Alert service

A service that allows you to receive alerts on your mobile or by e-mail about activity in your account. You can tell us when you want us to notify you: income, debit, amount...

What are the terms and conditions? There are four:

  • Deposit a minimum of €800/month into your account

    Since it is a Business Account it will have to be business income, in other words, paid by cheque, transfer, remittance, POS terminal or Bizum. Cash deposits are not taken into account but the sum of the total deposits is valid.

  • Make 3 payments per quarter using your card

    Yes, that's right, per quarter and with no minimum amount.

  • Have three bills debited from your account each quarter

    They do not need to have different issuers or take place during the same month. It can be one bill every month or, for example, three bills in one month and none the next two months.

  • Do not take too long to deposit your first income

    Once you open an Business Account, the first deposits must be a minimum of €800/month for the next three months. If, after that time, you do not deposit the agreed income, you will lose the benefits associated with the Business 5% Account.

Who can open a Business 5% Account?

New customers and customers with professional income over €800/month who are not employees or collaborating agents of the Bankinter Group.
You must be an individual, resident in Spain and not have been the owner of any of our interest-bearing accounts in the 12 months prior to opening the account.
The same customer can only be the owner of one interest-bearing account and two bonus current accounts, for example, any that do not have a maintenance fee or that have cards with special conditions associated with them.

Switch to Bankinter

Before you can even think about “the hassle of switching banks”, you will already be with Bankinter.

Because we have a free, special service for this: Switch to Bankinter service. It is a simple way of transferring the products or bills that you have with other entities.

  • Online.
  • No paperwork.
  • No arrangements to make with your other banks.
Switch to Bankinter
cambia de banco a bankinter

You can choose from more than 17,000 ATMs for free debit card cash withdrawals.

  • Bankinter
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Euro Automatic Cash
  • Grupo Cajamar
  • Banca March
  • Grupo Cajas Rurales
  • Laboral Kutxa Bank
  • Targo Bank
  • Euronet
cuentas bancarias bankinter

Short on funds to pay a bill?

That's one of the reasons why we have created the alternative account service. The other reason is to give you peace of mind.
  • A service that lets you assign an alternative account to pay your direct debits.
  • We will only use the account to debit your bills when there aren't enough funds in your main account.

More services, more advantages

Bizum: send and receive money from your mobile for free.

How? It's so easy, the only requirement is that both the sender and the recipient have registered for Bizum. You can receive and send from €0.50 to €1,000.
Find out more

Compra Smart

With Compra Smart you can convert your bigger purchases into smaller ones by spreading the cost over one or several purchases: no paperwork, all online and from €150.
Find out more

Smart Cash

Need some temporary liquidity in your account? With Smart Cash you can transfer funds from your credit card to your current account.
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Which account do you need?

Resolve your questions using our bank account comparison tool and we will help you select the account that is best tailored to your needs
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How does our account yield interest?

We answer all your questions on our interest-bearing account. 
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If you're thinking about opening a fee-free online account, open your Account in 5 easy steps!
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