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This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 represents the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this fund is €100,000 per depositor.


You don't need a salary to get a return on your income.

If you don't have a regular income you can still earn a return on your money, not pay any fees and get a free credit card.

  • You need to pay at least ten direct debits per quarter.
Up to 5% AER the first year1 and up to 2% AER the second year. The maximum interest-bearing balance is €5,000 the first year.1 The maximum interest-bearing balance is €5,000.

No salary but plenty of advantages.

Free transfers

You won’t pay any fees on national transfers made through, or when you pay cheques into your account.

Worry-free service

If you're thinking about the hassle involved in moving your account, there's no need to worry—Bankinter will change all your direct debits for you.

Tarjeta Combo

Combo card

The best card wherever you look

  • Two cards in one.
  • Combo 1: Use it for your day-to-day purchases and pay at the end of the month.
  • Combo 2: Use it to buy now and pay in comfortable instalments.
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Bizum: Instant payment service

Bizum: an easy and safe way to send and receive money through your mobile


See Non-salary account terms and conditions Non-salary account terms and conditions

Non-salary account terms and conditions

The interest paid into the non-salary account is a nominal rate of 4.94% in the first year (5% AER). During the second year, the nominal interest will be 1.99% (2% AER). The AER has been calculated on the basis that there are no fees with the non-salary account. The amount resulting from each half-yearly settlement is treated as a capital gain and is therefore subject to the withholding percentage stipulated in the applicable tax regulations.

The maximum daily balance that can be remunerated is €5,000.

The account will start to bear interest as soon as you open it with settlements every six months from then onwards.

Up to two free credit cards (principal and beneficiary) may be linked to this account.

Customers may hold a maximum of two non-salary accounts or one non-salary account and one salary, pension or business account.

Eligibility for the promotion perks

Always open a non-salary account within the promotion dates. You must be an individual living in Spain, you may not have previously benefited from this remuneration, and you may not have held a salary/pension/business account at Bankinter in the 12 months before opening this new account.

Credit cards: To qualify for free credit cards, a minimum accumulated amount of €633 from transfers, cheques or cash must be paid into the non-salary account, or SEPA direct debits from other banks must be received, within two months of opening the account. The cards will be issued once this requirement has been met. Free credit cards linked to the non-salary account, whether of the holder or a beneficiary, must be used for individual or joint purchases of at least €3,000 euros per 12-month period. This does not include cash withdrawals. The first check will be carried out 12 months after the account is opened. After this, checks will be carried out each month on the spending in the previous 12 months.

Bills: You must pay at least 10 bills per quarter by direct debit from your account. Checks will be carried out every month on the payments in the previous three months.


What do I have to do with my direct debits?

Very little. You just have to provide us with a copy of each of them and sign the authorisation document to change the direct debit. The bank will take care of the rest. The bills do not have to be from different issuers for the purposes of calculating the ten bills per quarter.

Can I withdraw cash with my card?

You can withdraw cash from your account without a fee2 from more than 14,000 ATMs, including those of Bankinter, red Euro 6000, Banco Popular, Grupo Cajas Rurales, Deutsche Bank, Grupo Cajamar, Laboral Kutxa, Banco Pastor, Banca March, Targo Bank and Euro Automatic Cash.

Can a customer with a Salary Account open a non-salary account?

Always, providing they meet the requirements of both accounts, up to a maximum of two (two Salary Accounts or one Salary Account plus one Non-salary account). This limit will also apply to any other interest-bearing or subsidised account or account with other special conditions that Bankinter might offer in the future.

Does the card spending have to be with deferred payment?

It can be with either deferred payment or in cash, providing that an amount of at least €3,000 is reached by the card holder and/or beneficiary.

Can a customer with a Salary, Pension or Business Account open a non-salary account?

Yes, providing they meet the requirements of both accounts, up to a maximum of two, i.e. one Salary/Pension/Business Account + one non-salary account or two non-salary accounts. A customer may only be the holder of one interest-bearing account and a maximum of two bonus current accounts. For these purposes, a bonus current account is understood as a current account with special financial conditions, such as free credit cards and no fees. This limit will also apply to any other interest-bearing or subsidised account, or account with other special conditions, that Bankinter might offer in the future.

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