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Investment funds

Never subscribed to an investment fund or not sure how they work? We explain all the details and give you a step-by-step guide.

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Fondos de inversión para principiantes

Why are these the funds for you?

Because you can invest from as little as €10

Investment funds are a product within everyone's reach these days. At Bankinter you can start investing from as little as €10

Because you don't need to be an expert

If you're interested in investing in funds, the only thing you need to be clear about is your investor profile, i.e. the return you expect, the risk you are willing to assume and how long you want to keep your investment.

Because you'll be able to access your money whenever you want.

Nearly all of our investment funds are liquid. This means you can access your money if something unexpected crops up. Remember, the greater the risk you assume, the longer the recommended time horizon. If you pull out too soon, you may increase the risk of getting back less than you invested.
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Benefits of funds

If you think your money is worth less and less, you already have a reason to start investing.

No doubt you've asked yourself...

What type of investor do you identify with?


If you're looking to achieve your goals little by little with a reduced level of risk and within a reasonable time frame.

The value of investment funds can go down as well as up, and this may mean you get back less than you invested.

Low expected return

Low potential risk


If you are looking for a balance between return and risk and are willing to increase the percentage of your investment in equities.

The value of investment funds can go down as well as up, and this may mean you get back less than you invested.

Medium expected return

Medium potential risk


If you are clear that your main objective is to grow your wealth, even if it means assuming a high risk.

Remember, the value of investment funds can go down as well as up.

High expected return

High potential risk

More tools, more convenient.

Regular investment plan

Start investing the easy way: little by little.

Investment funds dictionary

An A to Z glossary explaining all those commonly used financial terms that can be quite hard to understand if you're not an expert.
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