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Independent advice

Professional advice adapted to the needs of high net worth individuals.

A service designed for customers who seek excellent advice based on transparency and the commitment of magnificent professionals.

  • Personalisation. We offer you the investment strategy that best suits the your investment needs and preferences.
  • Maximum transparency in costs.
  • Specialised team dedicated exclusively to the service.
Asesoramiento independiente
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Personalisation, cost transparency and exclusive dedication.


Professional advice tailored to your needs.

  • Global planning basada on both wealth and tax criteria.
  • We offer recommendations but you decide.
    • We create a customised investment strategy in line with the market situation at all times.
    • Continuous monitoring with expert investment recommendations based on your profile, needs and expectations.
    • All with the same premise at all times: you have the last word.

Transparency in costs

A single explicit fee for advice.​

  • Thanks to our explicit and completely transparent fee collection system, you will always know exactly what you will pay for the advisory service.
  • This means you will have a simple and efficient cost structure.
  • No conflicts of interest. Clean classes in investment funds and no Bankinter products.

Full-time dedication

Specialised team dedicated exclusively to the service.

  • Own and third party information so you can choose interesting investment opportunities based on the best ideas from all quarters.
  • Open architecture. Access to a wide range of products offering a diversified portfolio adapted to each customer.
  • Tactical ideas. We don't speculate and we don't trade, but we do like to take advantage of opportunities.

The importance of an adviser

Having a trusted adviser by your side can help you make better decisions.

Personalised investment

Because it will always offer you a customised investment strategy, designed according to your objectives, needs and concerns as an investor.

Expert professionals

Only expert analysis and knowledge of the markets identifies the best investment opportunities. And only expert information gives you the clear sight you need to make the best decisions.

Recommendations based on objectivity

An advisory specialist will always be on hand to help you make measured, prudent and rational decisions in different market scenarios. Sensibly and objectively.

Bankinter listens

We are here to answer your questions and banking queries, provide technical support, etc.

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