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Forget tough decisions and go for expert decisions instead.

With our delegated investment service you can delegate the management of all your investments to experts, specifically to the professionals at our subsidiary Bankinter Gestión de Activos. Based on your investor profile, they will make all the decisions about when, how and where to invest.

  • Delegated management from start to finish.
  • For investment funds, pension plans and securities.
  • Service available from €1,000.
  • Online subscription available for investment fund portfolios and pension plans.

Investment products subscribed through this service can lead to a loss of capital.

Inversión delegada

A strategy defined by your investor profile.

To create a profile, we'll ask you to fill in a questionnaire so we can define who you are as an investor:

  • What profitability you expect
  • What risk you are willing to take

Two management models, two methodologies:

If your goal is to prioritise the security of your assets.

Management based on stringent risk control.


  • We use the VaR methodology for risk control: maximum expected loss in one year with a 95% confidence interval. The aim of this methodology is to preserve capital in bearish phases by minimising the downturn and take advantage of opportunities in bullish phases.

Portfolios available

  • This management model is available for investment funds, pension plans, EPSVs and securities.


  • Bankinter Gestión de Activos carries out all portfolio management. It makes investments and reviews portfolios at least once a week.

Minimum amounts

  • Investment funds: from €1,000.
  • Pension plans and EPSVs: from €8,000.
  • Securities: from €15,000.

Portfolios available

Collective investment undertakings
Equity max
Minimum amount
Fact sheet/
Pension plans and EPSVs
Equity max
Minimum amount
Fact sheet/
Management: 0,15%
Success: 10%
Management: 0,15%
Success: 10%
Management: 0,15%
Success: 10%
Equity max
Minimum amount
Fact sheet
Management: 0,15%
Success: 10%
Management: 0,15%
Success: 10%


Meet the professionals behind your investments.

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Bankinter Gestión de Activos

See Fees Fees

Investment funds and securities

A single fee is applied based on the results obtained. This is calculated based on two items:

- 0.60% of the average annual assets managed.

- 10% of annual returns minus the previous percentage. This fee is applied when the portfolio generates returns, provided that the resulting capital (including contributions and redemptions) exceeds both the capital initially invested and the capital used to calculate the last variable fee.

The following fees are applied in securities market trading:

Domestic security trades: €2. Does not include security market or brokerage fees.

International security trades: 0.20%, with a minimum of €8. Does not include security market or brokerage fees.

Custody of securities

Custody fees are applied proportionally to the number of calendar days that the securities are held in the portfolio.

Custody of domestic securities: 0.04% quarterly on the average effective value of each security class, with a minimum of €4.

Custody of domestic securities and domestic and international ETFs: 0.05% quarterly on the average effective value of each security class, with a minimum of €4.


Can I make additional contributions? Is there a minimum amount?

Yes, you can make additional contributions to your portfolio in two ways:

  • In cash, from the current account associated with your Delegated Investment portfolio.

  • With investment funds, providing they have the same ownership as assigned to your portfolio.

Can I have more than one Delegated Investment portfolio of the same type (securities, investment funds, pension plans or EPSVs)?

Yes, but always respecting the limit for your risk profile. The bank will always recommend the most suitable portfolio for your profile.

How often are the portfolios reviewed?

This depends on how fast market trends change. Portfolios are reviewed every week at least, when the weights and investment zones can be varied, always respecting the initial filters of the percentage of equities and value at risk (VaR).

Are the assets in the portfolios reviewed?

The assets that make up the portfolios are reviewed regularly to maximise returns, within the investment limits established for each portfolio.

What is the main difference between risk management and fundamental management?

The main objective of risk management is to control the risk of the portfolio while trying to obtain the highest returns at the same time.

In fundamental management, the main objective is to maximise the return on the investment. This management will be based on the decisions of the manager applying fundamental criteria.

What type of analysis is used in risk management?

This type of management uses assets prices as the only reliable, objective information for statistical purposes. In addition to prices, value at risk (VaR) is controlled using macro- and microeconomic analysis is used in the selection of geographic zones.

How are fees applied?

The management fee will always be charged, as the fund manager's work never stops.

The capital initially invested is the benchmark for the success fee for the first year of the investment. Subsequently, the date of the last collection will be used in calculating this fee.

How and when are movements in my Delegated Investment portfolio settled?

The date of registration and settlement of contributions and redemptions for Delegated Investment portfolios depends on several factors:

  • Transactions pending recognition: When the manager has made changes to the portfolio, or there are any pending contributions or redemptions, the bank must wait for these to be carried out before it can make any new ones.

  • Settlement date for investment funds: Some investment funds are not settled on the same day, so the settlement date of the contribution or redemption may be affected depending on the settlement date of the funds involved.

However, the order for the additional contribution or redemption will be collected and processed as quickly as possible.

When are the fees for my Delegated Investment portfolio charged?

Delegated Investment fees are charged annually. The only date that varies is that of the first payment when contracting the portfolio.

Can I redeem my portfolio totally or partially?

Yes, you can redeem your investment whenever you want. You have two options:

  • Total cancellation of Bankinter's management without selling the products in your portfolio.

  • Redemption of some or all of your investment in cash in your current account (only available for investment and securities funds). If that is what you decide to do, Bankinter will sell the products associated with your portfolio. The minimum amount for a partial redemption is €1,000, and you should always retain the minimum amount defined for your portfolio in it. In the case of Pension Plans or EPSVs, you can only cancel Bankinter's management without full redemption, as cash redemption can only take place when this is legally established.

The minimum amount to make an additional contribution to any type of portfolio is €1,000, whether in cash or in investment funds.

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