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Investment fund transfers

Want to transfer your funds? Do it today online, wherever you are

If you want to transfer to Bankinter the investment funds you hold at other banks, with our Switch service it couldn't be easier or faster.

  • It's convenient: because you can do online from any device.
  • It's simple: because we guide you every step of the way.
  • And if you have already added your positions at other banks to the Bankinter website, it will be even easier.
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More than 4,800 investment funds from more than 200 managers, so you can change for the better and get a higher return.

If you transfer your funds to Bankinter, you won't just have the expertise of Bankinter Asset Management, one of the finest fund managers in the country. You'll also have a range of services and tools to help you invest in the funds that best suit your profile:

Financial analysis

Our Analysis Department prepares periodic investment strategies and recommendations to help you keep track of the market situation.

Fund comparison tool

This tool makes it easy to choose. You can compare up to five different investment funds to find the best option for your profile.

Fund finder

Our fund finder helps you narrow down the choices to find the product that best suits your needs. You can apply more than 10 filters to refine your search.
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Want to know more about investment funds?

At Bankinter we offer training sessions and events to help you expand your knowledge. You can access them online or in person and naturally they're free of charge.

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When you transfer your funds to Bankinter, we will check that they are correctly placed in the corresponding category: R, A or B.

This classification is established according to the minimum amount of money upfront for the fund and determines the type of fee to be applied. This check will allow us to reduce the fee percentage to be applied if your funds are classified incorrectly.


Can I transfer a fund I have taken out with another entity?

In this case we would be talking about a change of promoter. You can transfer the fund as long as Bankinter also markets that fund, which is very likely.

If this is the situation you are in, you will have to go to your Bankinter branch because, as we said before, we would not be talking about a transfer but a change of promoter.

What information do I need to make a transfer?

The fees are very minimal and you probably have the money to hand. For international funds, you must have the account code and the Tax ID Number of the promoter. For national funds, you will need the fund manager's Tax ID Number or ISIN code, which is a code that begins with the characters ES.

Once the transfer order is issued, when will I have them with Bankinter?

The transfer of funds has a maximum legal deadline of 8 business days. If it involves a change of promoter, there are no legal deadlines and it could take a little longer.

Does the transfer service cost anything?

At Bankinter we will not charge you any fees for transferring your funds to our bank. However, we cannot guarantee that the entity where you currently hold your investment funds will not charge you any kind of fee. The best thing to do is to find out beforehand.

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