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Don’t look for a fund, choose your fund

  • A selection of profiled funds based on your investment goals and the risk you’re willing to asume.
  • You can use profiled funds to invest in assets as well as in other national and international managers' funds.
Fondos de inversión perfilados

Five profiles, five ways to invest

By constantly analysing the economic environment, we are able to create five risk profiles according to the different levels of exposure on the variable risk market (from 10% to 100%).

The value of investment funds can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested.


What is a fund of funds?

It is a fund that invests directly in other investment funds, rather than investing in financial products.

What type of funds do profiled funds invest in?

Bankinter's profiled funds invest in both fixed income and equity funds. Our committees design the investment strategies, based on top-down analysis.“” This analysis studies the economic backdrop to select the ideal assets for the portfolio.

Can I make additional contributions?

Yes, you can make additional contributions, although they may be subject to a minimum amount, depending on the fund.

This minimum additional contribution amount ranges from €10 for the Platea Fund Range and from €10,000 for the Premium Fund Range.

Can I redeem some of the capital I have invested?

You are advised to keep the investment until the end of the planned time horizon, because recovering part of the capital invested entails an increased risk of loss of capital. However, you can recover part of the capital invested as long as the minimum amount set in the initial contribution is kept in the fund.

What taxation is applied to profiled funds?

One of the main features of investment funds is that they are exempt from taxation until they are redeemed. In other words, they are taxed when you decide to withdraw the money invested. This is included in the tax base for savings for personal income tax purposes and is declared as capital gains or losses.

Transfers between funds provide significant tax benefits. Transfers between funds are exempt from taxation. This means you can move your money from one fund to another without having to pay tax, regardless of any profits or losses.

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