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Notifications service for investment funds

More information, better decisions.

A new notification and alerts service to keep you up to date with the status of your investment funds. This notification service enables you to configure notifications according to your needs.
Servicio de avisos para fondos de inversión
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Customise the notifications you want to receive:

Fund price notification

Set a percentage increase or decrease in the fund and we will notify you when your target is reached.

Transfer notification

We will notify you as soon as the transfer process you have requested is completed.

Subscription and redemption notification

You will receive confirmation that the subscription or redemption process for your fund has been effective.

Do you make regular contributions?

If you make regular contributions to your investment funds, you will now receive a notification in these two situations:
  • When your repayment is charged.
  • When the charge could not be made for any reason.

Bankinter listens

We are here to answer your questions and banking queries, provide technical support, etc.

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