Bankinter Solidarios Card

Together, we can drive change.

Tarjeta Solidarios Bankinter

A card for you and for others too.

We give something back

We donate the entire profit we make on the Bankinter Solidarios card to social action projects.

And, of course, the card costs you nothing.

You give something back

Because when you pay in the form of deferred payment1, the bank donates 5% of the amount of all your purchases to social action projects.


Free cash withdrawals

You'll be able to withdraw cash from your account without a fee2 from more than 14,000 ATMs: all Bankinter ATMs, all the ones in the EURO 6000 network, plus Grupo Cajas Rurales, Deutsche Bank, Grupo Cajamar, Laboral Kutxa, Banco Pastor, Targo Bank and Euro Automatic Cash ATMs.

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See Card terms and conditions Card terms and conditions

Bankinter Solidarios Card features

  • Issuance and maintenance fees: no annual fee.
  • Card limit: For credit, the daily and monthly limit on purchases is €1,200 euros; at ATMs, the limit is €1,000 per day and €1,200 per month. For debit, if you have enough balance in your account, you can withdraw up to €9,000 per month.
  • Bankinter Solidarios card nominal annual interest rate:
  • (i) For Deferred Payment cards: a) on Purchases b) on credit withdrawals from ATMs and c) on cash transfers to your Smart Cash current account: 22,80% (25,34% APR).

    Illustrative examples under the assumption that the agreement will remain in force for its entire term and that the Parties will comply with their obligations in the terms and timeframes agreed.

    - If you draw down €1,500 (for cash withdrawals and Smart Cash) on the first day of the month with Deferred Payment, fixed rate, to be paid in 12 months and assuming that you will not withdraw more funds in this period. Nominal annual fixed interest rate: 22.80%, APR. 25.34%, con 12 monthly instalments of €140.97. Total amount to be paid: €1,691.64.

    (ii) With End-of-Month payment: no interest.

    (iii) With Deferred Payment in Stores: 22.80% (25.34% APR). The Deferred Payment service in stores allows for purchases for less than €60 (paid for with the store’s POS device) to be deferred for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. - If you pay €1,500 for a purchase made on the first day of the month with Deferred Payment in Stores, fixed rate, to be paid in 12 months and assuming that you will not withdraw more funds in this period. Nominal annual fixed interest rate: 22.80%, APR. 25.34%, con 12 monthly instalments of €140.97. Total amount to be paid: €1,691.64.

    (iv) With Compra Smart payment 22,80% (24% APR). If you pay €501 with Compra Smart on the first day of the month, with a 12-month repayment period and a 22.80% NIR, 25.34% APR, the first instalment (which only includes interest) will be €9.52 and the amount of the 11 remaining instalments will each be €50.90. Total repayment amount € 569.42). APR may vary depending on the timeframe selected.

  • Insurance: The Bankinter Solidarios card includes free accident insurance for up to €300,000. You can read the related terms and conditions here:
    Accident insurance (36 KB)
  • Information of interest: pursuant to EU laws in force, the Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI) associated with the Bankinter Solidarios card.

  • Financing offered by Bankinter Consumer Finance EFC, S.A., a financial credit institution registered with the Bank of Spain under no. 8832, with registered office at Avda. de Bruselas 12, 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid) and entered in the Madrid Companies Register, Volume 22,729, Folio 181, Sheet No. M-259543, and with Tax ID Number A82650672.


What type of projects do the funds raised go to?

The projects are extremely diverse. Every year, five projects are selected from five different areas. To give you an idea, here are the projects selected in 2017.

  • The Dacer Foundation, with the "NAO Therapist" robot project, an innovative therapeutic tool for children with brain injuries: this project received the most votes and was awarded the Gold Card.
  • The Jaime Alonso Abruña Foundation, providing educational support to 40 children with different abilities under the slogan "Every child matters". This foundation received the second most votes and was awarded the Silver Card.
  • As Neves-Zone 0 presented the "Planting life" project, aiming to raise awareness and foster initiatives to restore the forest mass reduced to ashes by a fire that affected almost 90% of the Concello de As Neves area. This project received the third most votes and was awarded the Bronze Card.
  • The first runner-up prize went to the Exit Foundation, for its "eDuo" project to offer training in institutes and internships to young people at risk of exclusion.
  • The "Kankindi" international cooperation project was awarded the second runner-up prize.

How are the projects chosen?

Every year, Bankinter's employees can propose initiatives to get involved in. A jury is then formed in which Bankinter Solidarios cardholders and journalists specialising in corporate social responsibility are invited to participate. This jury selects the projects that are then voted for in our corporate social media channels.

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