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Instant Card service

Apply today, get it today, use it today.

Instant Card, a new Bankinter service that lets you add your card to your phone as soon as you apply for it. You can't beat that for speed.

  • Lost it? Instant Card.
  • Had it stolen? Instant Card.
  • Time to renew it? Instant Card.
  • If you want one of our cards: Instant Card.
abrir cuenta con bankinter

You don't need to wait until you receive it to use it.

Your Bankinter card on your phone from minute one.

From the moment you apply for it, for whatever reason, you can add it to the wallet you use: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

Apply for your card in the usual way.

You don't have to do anything special. Apply for your card through our website, app, telephone banking or your branch. Then activate it on the spot and start using it with your smartphone or smartwatch.

Still not paying with your phone?

Well here's a new reason. Or rather, here are several reasons: it's fast, it's safe, you'll always have your cards on you, and the app is compatible with your terminal.