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Pay with your card and, at the same time, decide if you want to use plazox.

Pay in instalments with plazox1, the new service which allows you to split the payment for your card purchases when you make the purchase itself.

  • You can use this service if your card is paid off at the end of each month.
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No need to register: if you want to, you can take advantage of it

Pay for your purchase without any paperwork and at the same time

Once you enter your PIN, your computer screen or the store's POS will offer you the option of paying for your purchase in instalments with plazox.

When you can, if you need

When you decide to pay for your purchase in instalments with plazox, you can choose how you would like to pay: in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

You can use it in store and online

Plazox is available in many shops: food shops, petrol stations, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, car rental agencies, phone shops, at shows...
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Where can I view my plazox transactions?

You can view them on the private website or in our app, in the Compra Smart section of your card statement. When accessing the statement for any of your cards, click on the Compra Smart button and you will be able to view the purchases that you have split in instalments in stores and all of the transaction details.

What do you need to do to activate the service?

You don't need to do anything. To make things easier for you, we have already activated the option to use this service with your card, so you don't need to change your card or do anything.

Where can you pay for your puchases in instalments?

You can use plazox to pay for your purchases at any business that uses it. When paying with your credit card, the screen at the point of sale (in store) or the payment screen on your computer (e-commerce) will show the different instalment options with their corresponding fees.

What do you need to do to pay for your purchases in instalments?

If you are buying at an actual store you simply need to pay with your credit card, enter your PIN as usual and follow the instructions. For this, the merchant will give you the POS. Choose the period over which you want to pay your instalments and complete the process following the instructions on the terminal.

If you are buying online, a window will appear with the instalment options when you are making your purchase. You can split your payments into instalments with just one click by choosing the option that suits you the most and by giving your consent by checking the box to accept the conditions (“Do you want to pay for this purchase in instalments?”), which will appear below the instalment options.

In both cases you have the option of not paying in instalments and the transaction will proceed in the same way as any other purchases not paid for in instalments.

Which types of purchases can be paid for in instalments using plazox?

Individual businesses may set a minimum purchase amount, which can never be less than €60. Therefore, the option of paying for purchases in instalments using plazox will only appear when your payment amount is higher than the minimum amount.

How long do you have to pay for your purchases?

Purchases can be paid for in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Do you have to provide any paperwork or wait for approval at the time of purchase?

You don't have to complete any paperwork, fill out questionnaires, or wait for any additional approval. You just need to give your consent by following the instructions provided during the purchase process, whether in store or online.

Can I return my purchase if I have used plazox?

Yes, of course, you can still return a purchase irrespective of whether you split the payment into instalments using plazox. If you would also want to cancel the financing, you must enter your card statement through our private website or app, and amend the conditions by clicking on the Compra Smart button.