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Virtual cards

They are on your card.

These are virtual cards that you generate from your Bankinter credit or debit card. They give you greater security in your online purchases and better control of your spending.

  • The conditions for these virtual cards are the same as for your Bankinter card: authorised balance, payment method, etc.
  • You can create as many cards as you need. They are free.
  • There are two models, and you can choose both.

1. Single-use card: the highest security for your online spending.

I'm buying something, so I'll create a card.

That's the idea: you can create a card for a single electronic payment.

The balance you load onto the card is the cost of the purchase.

Why? Because you are only going to use it in that purchase. That is why it is single use.

It can only be used during a few minutes.

The estimated time needed to complete the transaction. The virtual card ceases to be active once the balance has been used

2. Recurring-use card: better control of your online subscriptions.

A card to use in businesses with recurring payments.

A card suitable for online subscriptions, designed to give you greater control of your spending on things such as streaming platforms.

A set monthly amount for as many transactions as you want.

The balance you decide to set is the only thing that is limited. And, of course, we won't charge anything to your account or credit card until you make the payment.

You can change the limit whenever you want.

You can do this as many times as you want and whenever you like. You don't have to wait until next month.

How? All from the Bankinter app:

  • Create your virtual cards from the “Start” or “Cards” menus.
  • Answer all your questions: movements, cards used, active cards, associated card, etc.
  • With recurring-use cards, you can increase your limit, turn the card on and off, and, if necessary, block it.

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