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Debit Card

Not sure whether to pay by card or in cash? A debit card is your answer.


Your finances under control

Shop at millions of establishments

Pay for your online purchases and withdraw cash: all your expenses will be charged to your account immediately.

You no longer have to choose

Our Visa Debit card will give you complete control over your spending. Just like making cash payments but with all the convenience of card payments.

Free cash withdrawals

You'll be able to withdraw cash from your account without a fee1 from more than 17,000 ATMs: all Bankinter ATMs, all the ones in the EURO 6000 network, plus Grupo Cajas Rurales, Deutsche Bank, Grupo Cajamar, Laboral Kutxa, Banco Pastor, Targo Bank, Euro Automatic Cash ATMs and Euronet.

Open our app to find your nearest free ATM.

More advantages

Ver Card features Card features

Debit Card features

The monthly limits depend on the available balance in the current account linked to the card.

  • For purchases: the daily limit is €900 and the monthly limit is €3,000.
  • For ATMs: the daily limit is €1,000 and the monthly limit is €3,000.
  • Form of payment: the Visa Debit card is a debit card, i.e. the amounts of all transactions (both purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs) are charged directly to the current account.
  • Insurance: the Visa Debit card includes free accident insurance. Read about this insurance policy:
    Accident insurance(36 KB)
  • Annual fee: 25 euros for the first cardholder and for additional cards.

Bankinter has the solution

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