Smart Cash

Is your current account looking a little sad? Transfer funds from your card!

This service lets you transfer funds from your credit card to your current account.

Smart means getting the most out of your cards.

Transferring cash from your credit card is now called Smart Cash: simpler, smarter.

For unexpected expenses or anything else

A cash advance from your credit card gives you extra funds in your account to cover an unexpected bill or expense...

From any amount

Transfer funds to your account up to the credit limit on your card. There's no minimum amount.

If it's Smart, it's easy.

We explain, step by step, how to transfer cash to your current account.

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If your card has the end of the month payment method, the service has a 3% fee on transferred amounts (minimum 1.65 euros).

If your card has the deferred payment method, the service is not subject to any fee, just like another transaction with the same conditions you have for your card.

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