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Smart Cash

Is your current account looking a little sad? Transfer funds from your card!

This service lets you transfer funds from your credit card to your current account1.

For expenses that arise unexpectedly or for whatever you want

Smart Cash gives you extra funds in your account for whatever you need: an unexpected bill, an extra expense...

From any amount

Transfer funds to your account up to the credit limit on your card. There's no minimum amount.

Plus, you can split the payments with Compra Smart

If you are transferring €90 or more... pay comfortably with Compra Smart.1
  • Between 3 and 36 monthly installments.
  • When you request the transfer or within the same month.

See Service terms and conditions Service terms and conditions

Smart Cash terms and conditions

Smart Cash is the service that allows you to transfer cash from your card to your current account with a charge to your credit line.

The service will be paid along with all the other amounts drawn down and the economic conditions linked to your card payment method will be applied:

If your card has the End of Month payment method, the service has a 3% fee on the amount transferred (minimum €1.65).

If your card has the Deferred Payment method (“revolving”), there is no fee for the service. It is treated like any other transcation with the following economic conditions: 17.52% NIR. (19.00% APR).

If you draw down €1,500 with Smart Cash on the first of the month and it is financed under the deferred payment (“revolving”) method for 48 months, and provided that you do not use any more of the credit assigned to the card, with the fixed annual nominal interest rate of 17.52% (APR 19.00%), you would pay a total amount of €2,096.88 (€1,500 of principal and €596.88 in interest), in 48 monthly instalments. The first 47 instalments would be €43,69 (€21.79 of principal and €21.90 in interest), and the last one would be €43.45 (€42.82 of principal and €0.63 in interest), after which you would have repaid the borrowed amount. Total cost €596,88. French repayment system. 

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