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PSD2 Directive

More peace of mind, more security

PSD2: The new EU payment directive ensures enhanced security when you carry out transactions with your accounts, make internet payments, shop online or use financial data aggregation services.

SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

Two-factor authentication: the new verification system requires the combined use of two authentication mechanisms for online transactions with your account and cards as well as all internet payments.

How does two-factor authentication work?

A new process for greater security

With the new form of authentication, whether you're making your purchase through your computer or tablet, you'll always need your phone at hand to be able to complete payment.

It's therefore essential that you register your mobile phone number with Bankinter as your security signature.

You can do this in the 'My details' section of your private area.

This is how it works:

  • The first thing to do is the same as usual: enter your card details on the store website.

  • From now on, you will need your mobile phone to complete payment because you'll receive an SMS with a link directing you to a secure Bankinter page.

  • On the Bankinter secure page, you must enter your card PIN.

  • Done! You can go back to the store website to check the details of your purchase.

And if your phone has biometric recognition, it will be easier and just as safe.

If your phone has access by fingerprint, retina and iris or facial expression, the process is even easier and faster: when you make a purchase, you'll receive a notification and all you have to do to complete the transaction safely is unlock your phone and confirm the payment on the screen.

How to activate biometric recognition

Download the Bankinter app

If you have already downloaded it, update to the latest version. It's always important to use the latest version of the app, but now more than ever.

Activate notifications

Check that you've activated Bankinter notifications. If you haven't, activate them now.

This is how to register your phone

  • Open “Mobile payments” on the app
  • Select “Add this device”
  • Sign with the code we send you via SMS.

Take two minutes to understand what your online purchases will be like from now on.