Compra smart

Make your purchases smaller and pay at your own pace.

Compra Smart lets you spread the cost of one or more card purchases without changing the conditions.

Spread the cost of a large purchase:

For purchases over €90

You can spread the cost of a single purchase, group several purchases or pay off what you spend in full each month. Whatever you pay for with your card, even bills.

Pay little by little

You decide the number and amount of the instalments: from 3 to 36 months and from €30 per month.

Change your conditions whenever you want

You can cancel Compra Smart, make advance payments, change the number of instalments or alter the instalment amount.

If you've made up your mind, change your card settings: we'll automatically spread your payments every month.

With Compra Smart Automática you can automatically spread your payments over several months. There are two options to choose from: the purchase amount or the instalment amount.

  • When on any one purchase you spend more than...
  • When your card bill for the month is more than...

All online with just three clicks!

This video will show you convenient ways to pay for your purchases.

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