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Real estate assets

An overall view of all your financial and property assets.

Our new, free service will allow you organise and evaluate your personal and family property assets together with your financial assets. Or, similarly, you can view all your finances together and at a single glance from your global position.

  • A service which allows you obtain a valuation of your properties.
  • Calculate the price in case you choose to rent.
  • Or, for example, property liquidity based on features and location.
patrimonio inmobiliario

Plus, if you enter some extra details you'll get more information about both the property and the area.

And you'll be able to save it and retrieve it quickly from your global position.

Different valuation criteria

You'll get regular updates about the sustainable value, quick sale and offer of the property, detailed valuation of the home: garage, storage room, etc.

Returns and estimates

For example, if you are an owner, you'll be able to find out your return from the purchase date or, to take another example, get the value and the estimated two-year rental price.

Comparison with local features

Trends in average values and rental prices, socio-demographic data and projections, service map, etc. On easy-to-understand charts.

Value, compare and analyse any properties you want the easy way: right here.

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We have different solutions for different needs.


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