Estate administration service

At difficult times, we want to make things easier for you.

That's the philosophy behind our estate administration service. A comprehensive service provided by a team of lawyers who will guide you and take care of all the arrangements related to the deceased's positions at Bankinter.

Bereavement Service Area

Our estate administration service is delivered through the Bereavement Service Area. Its mission is to make this complex, bureaucratic process as easy as possible for you by reducing the amount of paperwork involved and visits to your branch. You will have:

Want some help with the administration of an estate?

If you need help or advice with the administration of an estate, all you need to do is:


What's the cost of the estate administration service?

There is a flat fee of €85 for the service. This includes handling the paperwork, submitting documents, providing the legal report, opening accounts where necessary and distributing the inheritance between the heirs.