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Bankinter app

If you are thinking “why another app?”, here's why.

Actually, we can think of more than 15 reasons to encourage you to install our app.
Nueva app Bankinter móvil
Bankinter in the palm of your hand.
Access your frequent transactions with a single “click”.
Set up notifications so you can keep up to date with all your financial activity.
Thanks to the aggregator, you can see all your accounts at other banks on the same screen.
Get access to a single area where you can make or schedule transfers, set up recurring payments or check your statements.
Add your cards to Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay so you can pay with your mobile.
Make your Bizum transactions even more convenient.
You can personalise the name of your accounts and therefore locate them instantly.
Make your day-to-day life easier, by securely managing your contacts, account and telephone numbers.
Paying by direct debit, deferring payments or rejecting payments will be easier than ever.
You can only activate biometric identification through the app, which makes your online payments even faster.
You will no longer need to type your IBAN number: just copy, paste or share.
Speed up your frequent transactions with a single swipe.
Your accounts and your personal information will always be protected.
The new design is very easy to use and intuitive.

And, above all, because you will love it.

Download it now, it's the app you are looking for.