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Calculate the type of house I can afford

How do I know what type of home I can buy?

There are many houses. And there are many different types of mortgage loans.

At Bankinter, we want to help you calculate your home buying budget, according to your savings, monthly earnings, financial effort and other factors, so you can do your numbers and discover what you can afford in terms of type of neighbourhood, m2, number of rooms, in general; assess how much house you can really afford.

Qué casa me puedo permitir o comprar

4 key things you need to know when choosing a variable-rate, fixed-rate or mixed mortgage.

Variable-rate mortgage

  • How it works: varies and is revised depending on the market
  • Interest rate: Euribor + spread
  • Monthly instalment: variable
  • Payment review: every 12 months

Fixed-rate mortgage

  • How it works: your monthly payments are the same throughout the whole of your mortgage.
  • Interest rate: fixed
  • Monthly instalment: fixed
  • No payment reviews

Mixed mortgage

  • How it works: it is fixed during the initial years and then variable
  • Interest rate: fixed at the start and then variable
  • Monthly instalment: fixed and variable
  • Payment review: for the variable part every 12 months

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