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You can't use them if you don't know they exist.

Our new transfer service offers a range of transfers, so you can choose the best one for your needs at the time. It also includes new features that make sending transfers even faster and easier.

  • A new interface containing all the information: contacts, history, pending...
  • For all your transfers, both national and international.
Nuevo servicio de transferencias

What type of transfer do you want to send?

Single transfer

A single transfer sent the moment you order it.

Regular transfer

This allows you to make repeated transfers of an amount to a beneficiary, with the frequency you choose, to pay the rent, for example.

Scheduled transfers

So that nothing is forgotten. You can arrange the day you want the transfer to take place in advance: the day you have agreed, the best day for your income...

When do you want it to arrive?


As the name implies, this is the most common. The destination account receives the funds in one or two business days.

Instant transfers

Seen without being noticed. The beneficiary receives the money in their account in less than seven seconds.

“Same day” transfers

The beneficiary will receive the amount in their account on the same business day, if you request the transfer before 13.00.

Find out about the new free features for more agile, intuitive and easier transfers:

Beneficiarios de confianza en transferencias

Trusted beneficiaries

Faster transfers. You can register accounts held by trusted beneficiaries. As a result, every time you make a transfer for less than €1,000 to any of the specified accounts, you will not need to sign the transaction. You only need to confirm the data.
Contactos en transferencias

My contacts

As simple as the phone book. You can keep a list of contacts to whom you make transfers and send money using Hal Cash: you can save their names, telephone numbers and account numbers, even if they are not Bankinter accounts.