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If you manage their finances

The world upside down? No, just life.

Whether due to age or circumstances, there comes a time in life when the roles are reversed and we, the children, have to take responsibility for our parents or other relatives. Bankinter offers services to help you in this new role, to manage your time more efficiently and to make you feel more confident as you take on this new task.

Account management

Because now more than ever, your time is money.

The obligations pile up and deadlines seem to get shorter and shorter. No wonder it's hard staying on top of everything. And managing the finances of elderly parents is yet another task that we have to find time for. In these situations, remote banking is a great ally. We embraced it wholeheartedly in the past and we remain just as committed to it today.

Bankinter offers innovative online solutions to help you manage your own finances more easily as well as those of your elderly parents. So you can free up time to spend it on what really matters.

  • Registration and online management of account authorised parties.
  • Creation of groups based on the type of ownership or the people with whom you share an account: parents, siblings, etc.
  • Selection in the global position on the website and app of the accounts you want to see: those you share with another person or the accounts for which you are the guardian, authorised party, etc.

Authorise your loved ones to see and manage your accounts

100% online, 100% customisable.

Estate administration

We don't want it to happen, but we know it will.

However much we mean it, in some situations our word is not enough. The loss of a loved one is inevitably accompanied by a lot of red tape, some of it quite complex: the distribution and liquidation of assets, bank positions, payment of taxes, and that's just the start of it.

Bankinter aims to make life a little easier at such difficult times and has therefore created an estate management service. Provided by lawyers, the philosophy behind this comprehensive service is to offer guidance and support, from the paperwork that needs to be taken care of to the distribution of the balance between the heirs. The service is provided by the Bank's Bereavement Service Area, which basically carries out three functions:

  • Providing a single contact person throughout the process
  • Facilitating the necessary arrangements
  • Reducing visits to the branch to a minimum
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Services to help you:

Account aggregation

Add your positions at other banks to the Bankinter website and app so you can see all of them at once at a single glance.
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