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This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 represents the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor per institution.
Each investment fund has its own risk flag, which may be higher.

For their savings

Always brush your teeth for two minutes. What do you say? Thank you! Saving, a habit to be learned.

Because that's what saving is, a habit. Something you learn through practice, that you do almost without thinking, without knowing you're doing it. If you've taught them nearly everything they know, teach them to save as well.
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Financial education

Why is it important to learn to save?

Life is full of surprises, but as we've recently seen, they are not always nice ones. It's important to have support, with a cushion for protection against unexpected situations, but also to be able to take advantage of opportunities like education and training.

  • Money requires effort, nothing comes for free. We know you know the theory, but what about the practice?
  • Saving is a habit that the young find hard to understand. But it won't take long for them to be glad they learned.

Three tips for them to learn how to save:

Don't think saving is just for the old

Youngsters tend to see saving as something that “oldsters” do. But it's important to view saving as a mechanism, as something that will allow you to realise your plans. How about doing Interrail? May be you need a new laptop?

Keep track of your spending

Learn how to manage your own budget. It might be stating the obvious, but standing on your own two feet financially begins with knowing how much you have so you know how much you can save: learning not to spend more than you can afford.

Do it little by little but continuously

Doing it little by little won't affect your lifestyle, and doing it continuously will bring you the satisfaction of achievement. It's important to set up automatic contributions and goals because that will keep you committed.

Funds:1 an alternative to saving.

Investment funds have been “democratised” in recent years because you no longer need to have a large amount of capital or know a lot about finance. Nowadays, there are funds for everyone because, like everything else, they've evolved:

  • You can make contributions from as little as €20.
  • You can choose a fund according to the risk you're willing to assume in exchange for a return, even if there is no guaranteed return.
  • You can choose the sector you want to invest in.
  • You can forgetting about finding a fund yourself and just choose one that's already been profiled to match your criteria: conservative, dynamic or aggressive.
  • You listen to your heart and invest in socially responsible funds.
  • You can decide an amount and a term and then set up automatic contributions to a regular investment plan.

The value of investment funds can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested.

A Bankinter idea to start investing easily:

The 5% Plan2 rewards contributions you make to investment funds from your Youth Account:

  • We will pay a monthly bonus into your Youth Account for each month you contribute at least €50 to an investment fund from out of that account.
  • An annual 5% the first year and an annual 2% the second year on the balance accumulated in the investment fund, up to a maximum of €1,000.
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