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For their future home

You may already be fed up, or maybe you just know that one day they'll leave home. That's life.

Yes, that's life and we know it: one day you can't wait for them to leave, and before you know it they're moving out. Sniff, sniff. But we also know that, like everyone else, you want to them leave in the best way possible. Here are some tips and tools to make the transition easier.
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The most likely scenario? Renting an apartment.

There's no question that housing in Spain is very expensive. For young people, renting is usually the easiest option and very often the shortest path to eventually becoming a homeowner.

  • A fast solution
  • A small commitment

Bankinter offers a solution for making the transition from renting to buying a home a little easier: Rental Savings Plan. A bridge between renting and buying. Pay your rent from a Bankinter account and when you take out a mortgage with us we'll credit your account with a proportion of the total rent paid.

  • It doesn't matter what your rent is.
  • You'll have up to 36 months to take out a mortgage.


Your biggest wish? For them to buy a house!

Or an even bigger wish: being able to buy a house for them. That's what many parents dream of. In Spain the obsession with home ownership affects over 70% of all households. And no wonder when you consider the high cost of rents, the revaluation of the initial cost, the tax advantages and, in recent years, the low interest rate applied to mortgages.
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Other tools

How much house can you afford?

Do the sums. With our calculator you can find out your monthly mortgage instalment so you have an idea of how much you need to set aside.
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